Were could I find info on Zen meditation on the internet?

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Anti-Voodoo Pin Puller Man


Buddhist Objectivist

Believe it or not you are performing Zen meditation at this very moment.
Zazen is achieved by just sitting.


If you try to find information on Zen, you’re doing it wrong.
“I wish I could offer a teaching, but in Zen, there is nothing.”


Talk to P’ang. He’s the expert on all things Zen.
And a nice guy too 😀
He spends time on YA, so you should be able to look him up easily.
om mani padme hum


Here’s a great video on how to do Zen meditation – very clear and simple:
Here’s a link to The Zen Site, the most comprehensive site for information on Zen. Much of the material on this site won’t be very useful for newcomers, but there is lots of it!
Here’s a link to good Zen meditation instruction and also some very interesting talks on Zen practice and the overall tradition:
Here’s another link to good Zen meditation instruction:
Here’s a link to articles from the Zen magazine, “Primary Point” – a great resource of teaching:
Best wishes in your practice!
Thank you, Kiowarose!




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