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well you know how there are eight chakra points, well does the chakra run all through your body?

just wanted to know


  1. There are other minor chakras in the neck, shoulders, hands and feet.
    Chakras are simply where major lines of the chi energy cross. The energy does flow throughout your entire body.

  2. Not very well versed in the intricate Indian mysticism of the chakras but can tell you from personal experience that energy, chi or sha can enter your left hand and leave your right.
    I always sport a hematite piece of jewelery on my left and a copper one on the right. I think this helps me to filter the energy I process from others in my daily life and I have more energy and am clearer in my thinking when I follow this finding.
    Many Llewellyn books exist at a reasonable price on the topic of Chakras and are easy for a western thinker to assimilate. Namaste!

  3. No. Each chakra is a pulsating energy center located along an energy line called “NADIS’ or ‘MERIDIAN’; many meridians run through our body and aura, and all acupuncture or acupressure points are actually minor chakras also. In addition, our endocrine glands correspond to the main chakras; however, the pictures of chakra centers in the books, charts,and so on are conceptual not factual, thus the discrepancies as to the number of chakras in our body.
    “In Hinduism, the concept of chakras is part of a complex of ideas related to esoteric anatomy. These ideas occur most often in the class of texts that are called Ä€gamas or Tantras. This is a large body of scripture, most of which is rejected by orthodox Brahmans.[6]
    There are many variations on these concepts in the Sanskrit source texts. In earlier texts there are various systems of chakras and nadis, with varying connections between them. Various traditional sources list 5, 6, 7, or 8 chakras. Over time, one system of 6 or 7 chakras along the body’s axis became the dominant model, adopted by most schools of yoga.
    This is the conventional arrangement cited by Monier-Williams, where the chakras are defined as “6 in number, one above the other”.
    Atal Behari Ghosh presents the 6-chakra model but notes that “Opinion is divided as to the number of these cakras; some say that there are 16, and others that there are more.”
    I hope it helps.

  4. There are only 7 SEVEN Main CHAKRAS and the chakras run and connect all the parts of the body-
    According to Theosophists, the sense organs of the etheric double that receive their name from their appearance, which resembles vortices. Altogether there are ten chakras (visible only to clairvoyants) but of these it is advisable to use only seven. They are situated not on the denser physical body, but opposite certain parts of it as follows: (1) the top of the head, (2) between the eyebrows, (3) the throat, (4) the heart, (5) the spleen (where vitality is drawn from the sun), (6) the solar plexus, and (7) the base of the spine. The remaining three chakras are situated in the lower part of the pelvis and normally are not used, but are brought into play only in black magic. It is by means of the chakras that the trained occultist can become acquainted with the astral world.
    The Theosophical concept of chakras was adapted from the ancient Hindu understanding of kundalini, a cosmic energy believed to be latent in the human organism responsible for sexual activity and also conditions of higher consciousness. The Hindu mystics pictured kundalini as a coiled serpent situated at the base of the spine in the subtle body. When aroused by spiritual disciplines, which included breath control and meditation, the energy darted up the spine in any of three subtle channels, illuminating the seven major centers or chakras in the body. These centers have been tentatively identified with the major nervous plexi. The seventh chakra, known as the sahasrara or “Thousand Petalled Lotus,” is located in the area of the crown of the head. Many Indian yogis have described blissful conditions of mystical consciousness resulting from the arousal of kundalini and its successful culmination in the sahasrara. This supreme experience is compared with the sexual embrace of the god Siva and his consort.-

  5. There are actually hundreds. But the major ones (7) occur all along your major organ system – the endocrine system of the physical body. Could they affect it?


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