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Weird Telepathy Dream? HELP!!?? 10 points?

Ok so last night i had this weird dream, that my best friend was in.
so when i saw her in my dream, i noticed i was “lucid dreaming”. then i said hi to her, and she said hi back…then i started a full thorogh conversation with her. then i realized i had never had any talk to me like that in a dream before, you know… so detailed, then when i went to school today she told me i was in her dream…and we ended up having the same dream, and it sounded like telepathy or something!!??? Please help its freaking me out!!!!!!!!!!! what was this??


  • I’m going with the answer that you two were on the same wave length. That seems the best term for it.

    Once in real life , and only once, my best friend and I somehow heard each others thoughts. We were looking at each other; didn’t even know where the other was.

    In a dream, my sister and I both had the same dream of our older sister who recently passed away. We weren’t in each others dreams but we were in the same place as the other- if that makes sense- with everything else being the same. Mine became a lucid dream because I realized my sister had died. (Honestly, I became terrified. Thought I was seeing her because I was also dead.) I’ve had several lucid dreams from seeing her in them.

    See? Strange, unexplainable things happen to many of us. Telepathy, dream sharing, out of body experiences, ghosts, etc aren’t socially accepted so they’re deemed impossible even though thousands upon thousands of people swear they’ve experienced them. Strangly enough, God is socially accepted (I do believe in Him). I have to say that until I experience actual dream sharing or have an OBE, I don’t see myself believing in either of them.

  • you are clearly on the same wavelength as your friend.
    This is normal, and sometimes typical for people who are good friends or are well connected.
    ask her what you spoke to her about in her dream, and maybe it’s real.
    It’s sounds awesome!

  • This had happened to me several times before, only the friend and I had the same dream about the same person being shot, etc. It could just be pretty self explanatory. You and your friend are miraculously in tune with each other. Have you ever heard of twin telepathy? People who are very close can develop it over time too. You can even practice to make this an ongoing lesson. My mom and I cross paths in our dreams every once in a while also.

    Practice conscious astral traveling (OBE); meditation. It will enhance this feature.

  • dreams r nothing but ur true and deep thougths or fears or desires or feelings or emotions deep from inside of ur heart or ur mind, so it means u and ur best friend are so close that somehow u get the connections. i can’t figure it out and it s weird, so it means that u too share something that is great and u both or connected mentally and share and there is a relationship between u guys. or it was just an unusual coincidence.
    as for lucid dreams it means that u both like each other and u both really r best friends and u both share something deep and nice.

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