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Weird sleep parlysis symptoms?

I have had it since I was young, once I felt I was dragged my room with my duvet and a demonic counding voice spoke in my ear, telling me my “name is Tiffany, and you’ll never know” also when I go into it I hear a saw-like sound in my ear, like a saw mill saw just as I’m going under into the sleep paralysis state
Also once I heard children’s voices laughing and I have seen people and heard knocking on my door before, I managed to awake myself as it got so scary, I kind of have to fight to wake up from it.
Everything is as it is when I’m awake when I’m under, as if my eyes are open. And I hear people walking around in the house and animals panting, I also felt an animal jump on my bed by my feet and get comfortable and settle on my bed a few times.
Does anyone have any theories on what sleep paralysis is and why it happens? Supernatural or psychological, I am an open minded person : ) xx
Sirensong – thanks I didn’t ask how to stop it
Blind Deaf – er…..what kind of help!!!


  1. Definitely NOT supernatural
    You’ve identified correctly that it’s likely to be sleep paralysis – which is a medical condition
    “How can I stop the sleep paralysis?
    In severe cases, where episodes take place at least once a week for 6 months, medication may be used.
    You may be able to minimize the episodes by following good sleep hygiene:
    * getting enough sleep
    * reduce stress
    * exercise regularly (but not too close to bedtime)
    * keep a regular sleep schedule ”
    “Sleep paralysis is a condition in which someone, most often lying in a supine position, about to drop off to sleep, or just upon waking from sleep realizes that s/he is unable to move, or speak, or cry out. This may last a few seconds or several moments, occasionally longer. People frequently report feeling a “presence” that is often described as malevolent, threatening, or evil. “

  2. We know what sleep paralysis is. It’s not supernatural.
    Your body naturally paralysis itself during REM sleep so that you don’t act out your dreams in real life. Occasionally, parts of your brain can “wake up” when your body is still paralyzed and that’s sleep paralysis.

  3. Sleep paralysis is part of a natural process where your body paralyses itself while you sleep to stop you getting injured. Sometimes in the early stages of sleep, or waking up, the body is paralysed while you are still conscious. That’s all there is to it.

  4. I’ve researched sleep paralysis quite a bit because I find it interesting, but I really only have had one experience with it. I had read quite a few articles before I even had this first experience.
    It happened around a month ago. I went to bed earlier than usual, fell asleep for around half an hour, and then I slowly regained consciousness. My whole body felt paralyzed, as if it was floating, and I recognised it straight away as the onset of sleep paralysis. Because visual and auditory hallucinations are quite common with sleep paralysis, and I didn’t want to experience them, I just remained still and waited for it to pass. I remember there was buzzing in my ears, and then I heard a short static wave before I could move again.
    Based on this experience, and what I’ve read, it’s easily just a psychological state of transition (between waking and sleep) where your mind is not in sync with your body, and therefore hallucinations are easily experienced. This is also reflected in the fact that a disrupted sleeping schedule (e.g. taking naps at odd hours, going to bed too early) would disrupt this biological balance.
    I don’t believe it has any supernatural causes.

  5. Sleep paralysis is not supernatural, it’s something that happens to a lot of people (including me) from time to time and it can be very distressing. I think it’s a physical and psychological because what you seem to be experiencing are hallucinations (I do too). You’re not being haunted or going insane, if it happens often, speak to your doctor about it because it can be controlled with medication if necessary.

  6. I experienced sleep paralysis vividly as a young Christian. I once remember feeling something emanate from the wall in front of me, come over, lean down and seem to breathe on my neck. I was unable to move my body, but very much alert; and in my spirit – coming from my gut, I called upon the Name of Jesus, and it left, and it seemed like it walked off into a mist, dragging chains like the ghost of Jacob Marley in Dicken’s Christmas Carol.
    I am convinced it was a demon. I felt intimidated by a demon when I would come home from work some days after that. I knew i was safe because I was a believer in Jesus, but I had not yet learned to resist the the devil and his demons.
    Soon after I repented of some thing in my life, received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and started studying the word of God, the Bible, and receiving good BIble teaching – about resisting demons in the Name of Jesus. Demons have mostly been avoiding me since then, because I can cause them more trouble than they can cause me.
    It begins by being born again – receiving the Spirit of God through faith in Jesus…..
    find good Bible teaching at……..
    and listen what God did for this man….

  7. I can tell u from personal experience. I had sleep paralysis before and had a similar experience were i saw something unexplainable i couldn’t move and i try my hardest to speak but my lips wouldn’t move. so i prayed in my mind and thats what helped me… i believe it can sometimes be both supernatural and psychological


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