Home Discussion Forum Weird guy confused me about auras or something?

Weird guy confused me about auras or something?

i was walking in the mall hanging out with friends (not the high school kinda thing think Mallrats) and this guy is randomly yelling colors to peoples faces then he sees me repeatedly shouting GOLD GOLD GOLD i was kinda freaked out and ran but he finally stopped me and said sir you have the golden aura then security picked him up and he kep on saying GOLD GOLD GOLD now can anyone tell me what the hell he meant?
ok spirtual leader= no lol i’m not exactly the jesus of the 21 century lol


  1. He went crazy. But a gold aura is associated with spiritual people. Jesus was said to have a gold aura by those who could see such things. Some people can. And some people just can’t handle it…

  2. GOLDSpiritual strength, spiritual energy. A great protection color from negative energies.  whether or not that guy was crazy who knows but at least you know what it means.


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