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weird dream, sleep paralysis, ghost?

for the past 2 years i sometimes get sleep paralysis, if you dont know what that is , it is where you wake up and your body is completely paralysed, i cant even speak though i do try to yell out to someone.
usually i wont get it for a couple months then i will get it every couple of nights for like a week. i really hope it will stop.
but the last time it happend when i was asleep probley REM stage i had a dream that i had a premontion that i got hit by a car and i seen my dead body laying there and as i walked over to it i told myself not to look at my face (that was kinda behind a car tyre) because for some reason i thought i would die if i did, then i woke up with sleep paralysis and it felt like somthing was trying to pull my soul out, i know that sounds crazy, but it deffanantly wasnt a dream i know for a fact i am wide awake so if your going to try to tell me otherwise dont answer this question please, anyway i started freaking out at the feeling my soul was being sucked out and then that feeling stopped as if (the ghost) im 100% sure it is, couldnt do it because i had woken up, and then i felt like there was cold hands on my back and i was telling myself in my head do not open your eyes, because i know if i see somthing i will go into shock or somthing, and then i felt a breath down my neck and a loud whistling sound in my right ear as my head was on its side, (also i was sleeping on my stomach) i wanted to scream i was terrified but i couldnt and then it felt like hands where on my (this is kinda embarracing) but on my bottom, and i started struggling all i could to get up, and then i could feel the paralysis going away, and as soon as it did i jumped up and let my dogs inside, and turned some house lights on, i always leave one on at night though.
what do you think?
have you had any kind of experience like this before?
it feels like a ghost is on me or trying to do somthing to me every time i am paralysed but this one was deffanantly the scariest!!
do you know anything about this?
or how to stop it?


  1. the samething happened to me several times in my life. my aunt told me i was being possessed by a demon. later on in a psychology course at my local college, the instructor explained to us that things like that is sleep paralysis. and lone behold several months later, that started happening to me again in the middle of the night. i remembered what she and the paralysis went away, never experiencing it again. 11 years and paralysis free.
    btw: it seemed like i was seeing myself rising from my bed but really i was still laying there. other wierd stuff too. it also felt like there was something or some kind of pressure plastering on me as well. i used to think i was the only one who went through this crappy experience until someone else told me they went through the same bullshit. i think it happens more often than what you think. take a psych class and you’ll see other people with likewise problems.
    also: stephen is an idiot

  2. This sounds a lot like a demon… Jesus’s name can drive out demons so just look into the bible and to Jesus… ask a Pastor about it somewhere

  3. 1. see a medical doctor
    2. have you had any trauma in your life, early childhood? If so see a therapist. (Might be some early sexual abuse that you don’t remember.)
    These things should not be happening this often. One might have this experience once or twice over a period of years, but no more than that unless there is an underlying medical or mental health issue.

  4. You must be an intelligent person, because your spirit is powerful. You are frozen in bed because you are astroprojecting, your spirit is coming out of your body. Now, either God or your father is pulling you out, first God because He is gravity on your spiritual body, just as the earth pulls your physical body, second is your dad, if he’s dead already, could be pulling you out just because he loves you and want you in heaven. Your but is the bottom of your spiritual body because your spirit kinda don’t have legs. Your spiritual body is made of high energy, so you will feel strong vibrations and hear whistling, kind’ve like electricity.These experiences are the goal of meditators and you got them already, they are much treasured. If you don’t want them just keep your fears and they’ll stop. Fear speeds up your heart and your speeding heart draws you back in.

  5. wow, i just had two episodes last night. i forced myself to stay awake after because i feel like im dying in these. just llike u described, there is always something evil trying to get me, and feelsl ike its killing me, and i have to force myself awake. or rather-open my eyes, because im already awake. i just cant open my eyes. its terrifying each time, and no one i know has had this. i usually only get these like 3 times a year. since i was around 12 i believe. maybe older.
    all i know is u have to imagine God or something holy around u and no matter what u see u have to try to keep flickering ur eyes open to wake up. i feel like if i dont wake up, the evil will get u. so do anything to wake up, thats all i know.

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