Weight Loss Problem, please help?

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Okay, I have tried everything in the book. I exercise daily and eat healthy. I take my vitamins and drink PLENTY of water. But for some reason I just can’t seem to loose weight. I want to desperately loose weight but just can’t seem too. And even if I work out in the morning I am still exhausted I don’t have any energy. Even if I get enough sleep I still want to sleep more. I am so tired of this, so my question is can I have a thyroid problem or a pineal gland problem?

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The Fire Burning Within

its probably your huge thieghs, get them checked!


There are simpler methods to shed weight other than diet and exercising. You can take a diet supplement that flushes out your insides, you can shed up to 20 lbs this way – and the weight comes off in the correct areas too! There’s a risk free trial at http://coriws.myslimmingstore.info


you may check the type of your blood then just adjust the consumptions that suit for you..because it has influence through your body.You can try a self hypnosis program to help you much better.
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Why me?

My Grandmother did the same and it came out she was eating healthy but too many carbs. I am not saying go on a low carb diet but maybe reduce them if they are something you are eating a lot of. I don’t mean cabs like donuts or cookies but bread, crackers, or granola, oatmeal, ect.
I have thyroid disease and you get really tired, moody, hard to lose weight, get sick easier, you can google thyroid symptoms and see if it sounds like you. For me I had almost every symptom and I at first thought it was stress.


Maybe you have a problem with your thyroid glad. Maybe it does not produce enough of a particular hormone, which can be said to slow down your body. You will need pills to treat this. Go see your doctor and be tested for it:)

andry K

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