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We now know that the soul plays no part in generating consciousness. Without a soul is God necessary?

Regardless of whether you agree or not, everyone gets a thumbs up. Even secular Sundays should be a day of peace.
The soul was first thought to be the motor that powered life. With subsequent discoveries a mind body duality came into play with the mind and soul being somewhat interchangeable. Finally, we’ve reached the point where we recognize that the mind is at once the product and awareness of the brain and body. The mind is not some ethereal specter somehow located within and without the organism. Life is the closest you will ever come to (supposedly) experiencing God. There is no God in death, death is simply the end of consciousness.
Why would people expect death (the cessation of organic function) to bestow them with the extra sensory perception to experience God firsthand when any sensory perception is only possible via organic function?


  1. God is no longer necessary. We no longer need to resort to god to try and explain the orgin of the universe.
    We are making great strides. It’s time to let this old, old way of thinking go.

  2. You are thinking inside the scientific box of known biochemistry and then extrapolating to the unknown (after death). I respect your right to do so. I pray you will consider letting Jesus into your life and thinking. May God Bless You

  3. You must understand the difference between consciousness and Awareness. When consciousness of body and mind have dissolved, Pure, Pristine Awareness is what is left….

  4. With respect, from what I have just read…
    In your opinion, people are correct if they say there is no God, and that death is the end of consciousness. In addition, you wish to know why people expect extra sensory experience when in your opinion only the acknowledged limits of sensory perception exist?
    I fear that you may like the answers to your question, because you have constructed it in such a way that to answer it without looking at how valid it is forces implied acceptance of your opinion for a start off.
    Since I believe God exists, and have experienced what I consider to be acts of God in my own life, I cannot accept your premise. Therefore, I would not expect to be able to answer your question without upsetting some of your opinions and assumptions.
    May I suggest a slightly more inquisitive, and less “inquisitor-ative” approach? You never know what will happen to your mind if you open it.

  5. People want an afterlife because they are too important in their own minds to just cease to exist. The earth is what remains when we have died. There was life before people and there will be life after people. Life does not have to include people to have a purpose. Unfortunately most people do not see this fact. They think that the whole universe will come to a stop when people have died out. The universe continues with or without people in it. The fact people do not have a soul and religion continues to flourish demonstrates people’s willingness to ignore fact and chase after fantasy.

  6. The last stand of the limited logic 3D brain!!!..You seem very sure of your statement!..Pride comes before a fall..
    Our Soul is literally a Spark of the Divine, Of God, for God is not an old man living in the sky, but Divine Spiritual Consciousness, of which all sentient Beings, including us, are part!..Effectively we, collectively, are God having a physical experience!..Our *aliveness*, consciousness and conscience are all aspects of that which we call God which are within each of us!..That*s why we were told we were *made in the image of God*, and advised to listen to the *still small voice (of God) within*..
    You are not your physical form or your brain!..You leave that behind each night when you go to bed and relax, so enabling spiritual you to vacate your physical form and allow it to rest and recuperate and, as YOU are then absent, your sleeping physical shell cannot respond (unless a loud noise or violent happening brings you crashing back into your body prematurely) until spiritual you returns in the morning and you reawaken..
    There are an increasing number of examples of patients actually looking down at the surgical operation happening to their physical bodies below them while they are totally unconscious!..Upon awakening they often recall exact details of unusual happenings which occurred during the op, viewed from above!.. So who or what was looking down at that physical body and brain?
    As a medium, I am aware of other levels of reality that your 3D senses simply cannot perceive as they are generally 5D and above, for there are MANY different dimensions and, whereas spiritual us is 5D and above, our physical body and brain which we need in order to manifest here is only 3D..When our physical shell dies, spiritual us continues existing, as indeed it did before this lifetime began too!
    The finite simply cannot perceive or understand the infinite and never will!


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