We maybe buying a old dude ranch. One of the rooms was used to slaughter cattle. We need rid it of neg energy?





by Harry’sMom:

we will be using the complex as a rescue for animals. It felt wrong in the room suffocating almost. And its right in the middle of the two barns were the horses would live. This is my main concern with the property. Any ideas on how to “heal” the room?
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Answer by claudiagiraffe
How very airy-fairy.
And ridiculous. Grow up, ok? There is no such thing as negative energy. Cows died. Big deal.


  1. I try to put myself in your shoes for a minute. You need to change the place into something representing life…a coat of pastel paint, maybe cut out a window, plants and bring a litter of kittens to stay there. Forget the negative energy stuff, just change the creepiness and you and your family won’t think of what it was.

  2. If you’re religious, get a clergy member to come do an exorcism. If you want to do it yourselves, all you have to do is burn sage. You can either use a “smudge stick” or sage and cedar in a bundle which you’d place in a ceramic dish and burn. Native Americans originally used sage to clear a negative energy field; nowadays people use it to eliminate everything from germs after an illness to “bad vibes”.

  3. I understand that you feel badly about that room, but the feeling is all in your head.
    There is no such thing as “negative energy” in the context that you mention. You have to realize that a material thing is neither good nor evil, it is just there.
    If you feel badly enough, you can tear down the building. But one thing is certain: animals will not have this bad feeling because of the room. To them it is just that: a room. What they will feel are your body language and emotions, so be calm around them and don’t worry about something like this.

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