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We live in physical reality but consciousness has no dimension? It may be a result of physical processes..?

But it just is, no dimensionality, does this pose a problem for man?
yes consciousness is the result but the result is an awareness of existence, awareness has no dimension it is just a state of being, what problem does this pose for man?
Yes the interpretation of symbols seems to be the biggest problem. Love is the answer, no judgment in pure love, truth, whatever word or symbol you use to describe it in your mind. call it God it’s okay, language means little.


  1. Depends on what you mean by problem. Are you asserting that consciousness isn’t just a a bunch of chemical reactions in the brain? Consciousness is just a word for all of those processes, and therefore has dimensionality.

  2. their is consciousness reality…
    the only problem for man, is man (watch out for woman too)
    Peace be with YOU of limited consciousness reality !!!

  3. It appears to pose a problem for many people.
    That is why archetypes and symbols float in and out of our sense of reality.
    In mental health and by many here, you would be considered delusional. Science is beginning to catch up.

  4. Consciousness, or any experience of subjective qualia, may indicate that they are manifestations on a transcendental level of reality.
    This does not necessarily imply dimensionality.

  5. Consciousness is a result of physical processes, this is why head injuries are bad. I think what you are talking about is what is referred to as the mind body problem.

  6. Human consciousness is based on experience. Abstractions made purely from imagination or consciousness are still manifested in a fashion similar to observed reality. For example, we still quantify ideas with respect to time. We also have a sense of number (in a purely irrational dream, I can still distinguish 2 monsters from 1 monster).
    So time and space, to some extent, are the dimensions of consciousness.

  7. And you evidence that “consciousness” has no “dimension” would be…?
    All of the evidence we have — every single bit of it — shows us that “consciousness” is entirely chemical and electrical activity within our physical brains. That’s it. If you want to claim something else, you need to provide evidence to show your claim is correct, or there’s no reason for us to consider it.

  8. A problem? Only if we chose to resist, which is the intrinsic humanistic response. We allow the mind to rule when in fact we “know” so very little. We judge by our physical presence and perceptions, believing what we see, hear and feel to define what we interpret to be Absolute Truth.

  9. Consciousness is three things a frequency, a detector, and a doer. The frequency is all about the parts of the brain that have to remain active in order to produce proper detection, and proper detection leads to action. There is stored consciousness, and then there is active consciousness, but the stored consciousness can not be found outside third and fourth dimensions. Look at Alzheimer, and dementia patients, as well as those who have had a part of their brain removed. The people loose their memories, and sometimes their ability to function. Their available information to react consciously isn’t multi-dimensional in the way you’re trying to think about it, that is if they loose a part of their mind, they loose their full ability to be conscious. In my opinion perceptual consciousness is only in the brain, and is dimensionless in the same way a mirror house is.


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