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wat's the difference between tae kwan do, tai chi, karate, and kung fu?

can u pls list all or some of the martial arts?
WHAT’s ur favorite martial art? (tae kwan do, kung fu, karate, etc.)


  1. tae kwon doe uses alot more kicking and kung fu and karate are very close to the same thing they all originate from around the same area so there arent many differences

  2. The actual arts themselves are not all that different, there are some that focus on ground fighting aspects while others on standup fighting. Alot of these arts are mixtures of another art. The primary difference is the location in which the particular art is practiced. For instance Sambo = Russian, Karate = Japanese, Krav Maga = Israeli. MMA is mixed martial arts which incorporates multiple styles of fighting. My favorite type of fighting is MMA because you get past all the mysticism and get to see what works in a real fight. Check out MMADEPOT.BLOGPSOT.COM for some mma videos. Below are some popular martial arts.
    Aikido Ӽ Bando Thaing Ӽ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ӽ Capoeira Ӽ Chanbara Ӽ Gatka Ӽ Haidong Gumdo Ӽ Hapkido Ӽ Hwa Rang Do Ӽ Jeet Kune Do Ӽ Judo Ӽ Kandoshin Ӽ Karate Ӽ Kendo Ӽ Krav Maga Ӽ Kuk Sool Won Ӽ Kung Fu Ӽ Ninjitsu Ӽ Sambo Ӽ Taekwondo Ӽ Tai Chi Chuan Ӽ Vajra Mukti

  3. TKD -is a striking martial art.that come from come from Korea
    karate -is a striking martial art.that come from come from Japan
    Kung Fu- is a any martial art.that come from China
    tai chi- is internal Chinese martial art.
    My favorite
    Striking -Muay Lao or Muay thai
    grappling Take down- Judo or Hapkido

  4. There are many differences between these martial arts disciplines. First off Tae Kwon Do and Karate are considered as hard arts. Meaning that they combine alot more offensive techniques such as kicks,strikes,punches and so on. Where as KungFu and Tai Chi are considered soft arts since they are mainly used in a defensive manner. For example, in Kung Fu, you block then attack, meaning when an opponent throws a offensive manuver you would block their attack and then would follow through with a attack of your own. Second, these martial arts originate from diffrent parts of the world mostly in asia but still diffrent in the same respect. Third, technique is one of their defining diffrences. TKD which stands for the art of the fist and foot combines just that punching and kicking. Karate is very similar but difrences in stance, kicks and punches. TaiChi have more slower technique with the emphasise being defense and Kung Fu has many diffrent styles and stances.

  5. You could fill up an entire page with name of martial arts, but it would be meaningless if you did not understand the language or translation of the names. Suffice it to say that there are hundreds of styles practiced around the world.Tae Kwon Do for instance loosley translated means “the way of the hands and feet”, is a Korean style widely known for its high, fast kicks. Under the surname of taekwondo there is:
    Moo Duk Kwan, Kwon Bop, Tang Soo Do, KooK Sool, Kook Sool Won…..and on and on it goes, this from one name. Kung Fu/Gung fu simply translated means ‘time, effort’. Put the time and effort into anything and you’ll be good at it.
    I do not have a favorite as I have studied many as I believe that the more you know the better prepared you’ll be. Good luck.

  6. i dont know difference between tae kwan do, kung fu, karate but i know there is one similarites betwen then and tat is ….these arts r shit and have been outdated

  7. After studying Kenpo Karate, Goju Karate, Kung Fu, Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do for the past 22 years, I have to say that TKD is my favorite. Kung Fu is a close 2nd.
    Keep in mind, that karate and kung fu have many variations within.
    Here is a synopsis of some different martial arts with more detail.
    Aikido – uses opponents momemtum and strength against them, redirecting the force, instead of blocking the force. Never engaging strength against strength. Aikido is very defensive.
    Judo – Olympic sport, opponents are more engaged with eachoter and try to use leverage and balance to throw their opponent. Judo is closer to wrestling, there are no punches, no kicks, all throws. You are mostly standing until you are thrown. After a throw, you usually get back up and start over.
    Ju-Jitsu (Brazilian and Japanese) – Brazilian ju-jitsu is more of a grappling, ground fighting system, where the object is to submit your opponent through joint locks (such as an armbar or kimura) or you can choke your opponent out by getting in a dominant position and using a combination of your arms and or legs to choke them (triangle choke uses legs, rear choke uses arms). Your opponet “taps”, to signal his submission and the match is over.
    Karate – Karate originates in Okinawa, but many styles were adopted and modified in Japan. There are many different types of Karate (Shotokan, Gen-wa-ki, Kempo, Kenpo, Kyokoshin, Goju, Isshin-Ryu). Karate also usually incorporates weapons training into it’s system using the traditional Budo weapons (Staff, Nunchaku, Tonfa, Kama, Sai). Empty hand Karate utilized punches and kicks and the training usually involves serious “toughening” of your entire body.
    Kendo is sword/stick fighting. They where a type of armor/face shield and fight with bamboo swords.
    Tae Kwon Do – TKD is almost like 3 different martial arts. TKD comes from Korea. It is is an official Olympic sport and some TKD practitioners train exclusively in this version of the art. TKD is also a practical self defense system that it utilizes by the Korean military and secret police. It it often taught in conjunction with another Korean martial art called Hapkido, which uses small joint (wrist, fingers, ankles) manipulation and submission tactics. There are also different types of TKD, such as Moo Du Kwan or Han Mu Kwan. One of the unique things about TKD is that they have a global governing body that unifies all of the forms (Poomse or Kata) and standards required for promotion. So let’s say you are a blue belt or “5th Geup” in Korea, you are learning the exact same form as a blue belt in California, or Europe, or anywhere else in the world. TKD is also unique in that it’s ratio of kicking techniqes to hand techniqes is about 80% kicking to 20% hand techniques.
    Tai Chi – Tai Chi is Chinese in origin. Although Tai Chi can be used in self defense, it is primarily used as exercise around the world. It is believed by many that there are many unexplainable health benefits in practicing Tai Chi. The Chinese believe that all life has an inner force called “Chi”. Tai Chi is a means of channelling and releasing one’s Chi and therefore reaping the benefits.
    The concept of Chi is not exclusive to Tai Chi. It is part of all types of Chinese Kung Fu and is known as “Ki” in Japanese and Korean martial arts. The concept is typically considered part of all traditional martial arts.
    Which one to try depends on your motivation, for example, self defense, exercise and fitness, or you wish to be in the UFC. My advice is to check out different places and take trial classes. Find an instructor you like and a place you enjoy going to, and the style really becomes secondary.
    Hope this helps….


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