Home Discussion Forum wats the diff bet the unconscious n the subconscious minds?

wats the diff bet the unconscious n the subconscious minds?


  1. unconscious is when mind is not in its senses
    and subconscious mind is that when brain and body is conscious and his mind has gone to somewhere else, it is in sense but not at place where it should be
    unconscious we call doozy doozy
    and subconscious we called mental

  2. unconscious is when you are doing and not thinking sub the word sub means lower it’s there it has not manifested itself yet like denial almost? no yes no yes sometimes you can subconscious do something to save your life and not bring it to the front because you would go crazzzzzzzy.

  3. The “conscious mind” is the level your brain works on when you are awake and aware of your surroundings. You have some control over what the conscious mind sees and acts upon. Kind of like the desktop on your computer. You can tell it what to do and there is actual sensory feedback from it.
    The “subconscious mind” is a more primitive level or diminished state of awareness. You don’t necessarily have any control over what happens and most of the sensory feedback is not sensory at all, but internal. Basic life functions being maintained and different stored information reacting with other stored information. Like the mind closes in on itself due to lack of sensory input-kinda like “suspend mode” on your computer-things are still happening-just not on a high level.


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