wat movie had 4 kids in high school get powers from an astroid?

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there was a movie with 4 kids in high school that went into a forest and got powers by standing on this rock…
a guy got the power to read minds, i think it was his sister that got the power to make ppl do wat she said, and another girl got telekinesis, and a guy got the power to heal….
do any of u know wat movie im talking about?
id really like to know…
i been wanting to see this movie again

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Amy K

How about: Chronicles?


i also wanted to know the title of that movie.. i’ve watched this movie for i think 6 years ago. i cant remember the title.huhuh

Isaac Guiste

It does also sound like a movie called the Covenant about the four brothers it probably isn’t but it is a similar film. 🙂


Amy’s right. It’s a 2002 film more commonly called “The Surge.” I’ve been looking for the name of this, too, so your site helped me out! Thanks!


I meant that it’s usually called “The Source.” Oops. 🙂


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