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wat are some good ways to open my third eye?

ive tried alot of different meditations for the third eye and the 6th chakra…but none of them seem to work. what are some effective meditations?


  1. I’ll admit I don’t know the answer and I would like to know also, but can I just say to those who aren’t taking this question seriously and making fun, please quit it, it’s immature and some people really want to know the answer! Don’t just take up space.

  2. This technique seems to have a very good success ratio with the people I encounter:
    Exercise: Imagine indigo (or purple) energy surrounding the center of your forehead and as you draw more energy there you see a closed eye form. At the end of your meditation imagine as you open your eyes that this eye (usually purple and sometimes with a purple aura around it) will open as well. This will help you to see the auric light around yourself and others.
    After doing the exercise hold your hands up and make sure the background is of a solid color, darker is better. If you can do this in a church it also helps. The most common colors I get are blue, green, purple, yellow, and white. Sometimes though you just see a bit of a distortion around the body.

  3. You think you are having problems now? Just wait until that third eye opens and sees the fourth eye that only it can see!
    I recommend giving up on that. Your life is passing by.

  4. Love God. The third-eye opens when the spiritual aspirant is ready and also, in many cases, when a concerted effort is made to open it. In meditation draw your focus to a point about 1 inch beyond the point between your eyebrows.
    In addition to any meditation of this sort – search for God. When you seek God whole-heartedly you will see results. It may not necessarily be your third eye opening – but you will be closer to your real inner self.


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