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" Waste no more time arguing what a good man (woman) should be. Be one."?

Above quote is of a Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius (AD 121 – 180).
Would’nt the awareness of these quotes bring to mind that enlightnenment has been occuring for centuries. What is being expressed today either religously or spiritually is not a new message.
The awakening and awareness is felt of more intensity today than in past…yet the commonality of messages has always been there. A person ” sees ” or they don’t . . . it’s the action of the soul…the Light being revealed.
I’m respecting of all faiths, religions, temples etc….yet myself…I’m of no organized faith…simply Spiritual.
Seems that messages of years past and of today are of of the Soul…not any one religion.
Other quotes of his. . .
…” For me nothing is early, nothing late, if it be timely for thee “.
…” Leave anothers wrongdoings where it lies “.
Your thought?
Boof reference . . .” Marcus Aurelius ~ Meditations “. Penguin Classics. Translated by Maxwell Staniforth.
Marcus Aurelius . . . ” By nature a saint and a sage, by profession a ruler and a warrior”.
” cosmicdrifter ” . . . No one should ” condemn ” another…that is not our place to do so. People make comments…have thoughts…choose to have another in their personal ‘ space ‘ or not . . . but to for one to condemn another ? No.


  1. The good and bad spoke of today originally meant ripe and unripe, big difference. You are right though in the way it is looked at. Is it really “good” to condemn someone else? ~ : ) Edit: Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Good and bad are “made up” terms by ego that cause separation. We go along with them because that’s the way we were taught by unworthy teachers. Ripe and unripe are more correct, could someone be angry at a pear that was unripe? However in the terms in use today you are right, it is best not to argue [condemn] with others with good and bad labels. You have given me an idea for a question, thanks. ~ : )


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