Wasn't Jesus the best known and most proficient psychic medium/healer in history?

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He was human, yet used Divinity to cast out demons, heal physical ailments, talked with deceased spirits (Elijah, Abraham, etc.). Agree?
So, we are saying we should not emulate God?

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≈ Pangel ≈

now you are talking
I so agree xx


No. He is God.

crystallinectar, atheist hippie

he never did any of that, if he even existed. especially considering there is no divinity, no demons, and no spirits.

4 Shades of Blue

He was God in the flesh…He did not use “magic”.

Lucky S

I don’t think those terms would apply.

William D

No. He wasn’t a psychic medium/healer. He was God and man. Still is. Always will be.


what about Buddha? or Confucious?

atheist christian

no-one can do those things not even jesus.

Abdul A

He sure was!
A great Spiritual Master indeed!
Thank God for the gifts of Spiritual Masters!

bass p

he was really like Rambo, the Terminator, Gandalf, and Muhammad Ali put together
not some gay ass psychic sht


disagree,he is God in the flesh


Jesus was all man all God, and I don’t even understand how it worked out. But God worked through Jesus to empower Him to do the amazing miracles he did. He was and still is the best healer for the world. 🙂

michael n

no. psychic does not discribe jesus. jesus was a healer yes, but never actually performed exorcisms, communicated with the dead(only with god and angels) or fortold the future in the manor of a psychic which is not the same as a profit.


So we are told.

michael t

as for being a psychic/medium i think you should put down the glass pipe buddy…
But as far as Jesus being the greatest you couldn’t be more right on the nose with that statement..




No. He was not so much as even recognized during his day. Stories of him were ‘created’ 30-40 years after his demise.


healer, yes…
…but here is One who was God on earth, so the psychic area was unnecessary and may not be applicable…


I do believe this is going to make some people grumpy… :). It’s a very interesting perspective on Jesus.
I have often wondered why prophets, healers etc of ancient times in the Bible are revered and seen as holy, yet others claiming to have these tallents are often labled evil or said to be under the influence of Satan.
I like you way of thinking!


All through history there have been those who could do those same things……….what about them?
Jesus (which by the way is a mexican name, even though he was a jew) was written about by other men placed in the Bible. Didn’t he say that his followers could do the same things?


If you base that statement on level of accuracy of his so-called prophesies, then no. Edgar Cayce & Nostradamus have a better track record. For that matter, Sylvia Brown is more accurate than the image of the b . . . .


Mediums are referring to humans. Jesus is not a medium. He is a healer, and is the only one to be able to cast out demon spirits completely safely!! (Without the chance of becoming possessed Himself!)


Jesus did not do these things through the use of a psychic ability, nor did he channel spirits in order to speak with them. He was certainly a healer, but as He told those He healed, their faith made them well (though a few times He did it just to show He could). He also forgave sin personally, something no psychic can do.

Lane T

I disagree, Jesus was not a psychic, He is the son of God and He is all knowing


Yes I do agree!
It would appear however, that his followers make it ok for him, and claim that he is the only one who is “allowed” these gifts. Just like it is their belief that their way is the “only way”.
I do not understand this. I would think that with others accessing these gifts, it would act as a testament to their faith. Instead, it is seen as “evil”.
Bless them all!


Jesus was pure love…pure soul…He’s the man who was born to live His life learning what it means to be human…to err…to sin…He came here as a simple man so He could understand our faults, flaws, and nature…He came here as our Savior…to teach us that there is a purpose under Heaven…to the existance of the Universe…that there is a reason…purpose…a point to all things…that all things happen for a reason…that all things have a purpose…meaning…definition…importance…a life source, living energy, a creation…and a Creator…Jesus was and is all things…part of everything…all that exists…universal…natural…elemental…fundamental…the word medium is a word created by human’s to define an ability of the energy, life force, and soul of a human….the question: was He a medium in itself is irrelavent…senseless…useless…what difference does it make…what does it serve…what does it matter?…Jesus sacrificed His life for man’s soul…for our existance to have relovance…to give us hope…to give us meaning and faith…He is Jesus and that my dear friends is all that really matters period…Enough Said!!!……….God Bless and Peace to y’all….AMEN……….<3


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