Home Discussion Forum Wasn't Jesus a Liberal? Christianity and being a Republican are contradictory?

Wasn't Jesus a Liberal? Christianity and being a Republican are contradictory?

He aligned Himself with the poor and the oppressed. He challenged the religious orthodoxy of His day. He advocated pacifism and loving our enemies. He liberated women and minorities from oppression.… Jesus was the original Liberal. He was a progressive, and He was judged and hated for it.
“Bleeding heart liberals” have long advocated for the homeless, the hungry, the less fortunate, and the disenfranchised. The women of America owe liberals a big thank you for their almost equal rights. “Tree hugging liberals” fight for clean air and water standards instead of favoring industrial polluters and short term profiteering that destroy God’s green earth.
“It is apparent that you do not Jesus!”


  1. ok i don’t think jesus was anything.jesus was jesus.he certainly does not approve of some of the things some liberals do.gay marriage and abortion.yeah jesus would be against those things without a doubt.

  2. Jesus did not bother with earthly governmental issues.
    Loving your enemies does not mean “allow them to threaten the lives of your loved ones.”
    And Jesus thought very highly of “little children.”
    How could he ever be in favor of something that reduces the number of them?

  3. The Republicans hijacked Christianity decades ago. It’s a marketing ploy.
    Just like Harley Davidson convinced everyone that their motorcycles make you a tough guy, etc. The Republicans convinced everyone that they were the “god” party.

  4. On the other hand, he equated fantasizing about women with adultery and hate with murder. Aren’t those kinda hard nosed stances for a liberal?
    The reality is he’s way too complex to be forced into either US party’s little boxes though I realize members of both sides of the aisle are sure he’d always get their backs.

  5. >>Christianity and being a Republican are contradictory…[Jesus] liberated women and minorities from oppression.<< Clearly, you know nothing about the Republican party or history. Do a little research and find out which party supported the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th amendments and the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and which party opposed (or supported to a lesser degree). Here are some links to get you started: http://stoprepublicans.blogspot.com/
    History quiz:
    1) Regarding the adoption of the 19th amendment, which party filibustered?
    2) Regarding the adoption of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which party filibustered?
    3) James Farmer, famous civil rights activist and founder of the Congress of Racial Equality, was a candidate for which political party?

  6. He did all this yes. However, let me say this- a republican should care about these same things. However, I can tell you this Jesus liberated women from oppression, but would never have liberated to the point that she could choose abortion. I know many republicans that advocate for the homeless. However, that said- Jesus was never liberal or conservative, he followed what God desired and so should we.

  7. Reread your bible and don’t let others interpret it for you. He was a jew. He was a Rabbi. He never cut himself off from either.
    when you read the the New Testament it was for Jews. When the Apostles went out in Acts,Corinthians etc. they were sent to Jews in Diaspora (sic) I can’t find the right spelling. not to convert non jews. It wasn’t until Emperor Constantine was converted with the promise of victory in the sign of the cross that any large number of non Jew joined this jewish sect called Christianity. This was three centuries after Christ. He never went against the laws of Rome. Jesus even sent a slave back to his master. That was one over used verse in our plantation era. Women weren’t given souls or promised heaven. Read what it says not what you’d like it to say. Remember the trouble we got into when they were ready to burn Michelangelo for heresy when he said the earth was round and not flat? Columbus saved him just in time. That started the Reformation a whole bunch of new church’s. Good reading. Be careful.

  8. Jesus/God incarnate, wants freedom for all creation, but especially what bears the divine image and Spirit or essence. Because of this humans are expected to be both liberal in grace, patience, kindness, gentleness, long-suffering and love beyond our self interests. The dicotomy is that we are also made to lead and judge righteously and protect all creation with human life at the forefront. Jesus summed up the Jewish laws he practiced with two new commands, “love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and strength and love you neighbor as yourself.” To follow those instructions we need to know what God expects and so we must interpret what we believe is God’s message. At times this will mean being like Christ both liberal and conservative (truth or standards) to provide freedom to others. Freedom requires both in harmony.


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