Home Discussion Forum Was wondering about spirituality and self-awareness.?

Was wondering about spirituality and self-awareness.?

There are hundreds of religions across the world and almost infinite possiblities as to which religion or faith one follows, but no man should tell another how to live. I was also wondering what life all humans should attempt to achieve? There never will be a utopian society with perfect political/social systems but should humanity try to better ourselves inspite of the fact that this will never happen? A friend of mine told me that his belief is that all humans should try to do the most you can with what you have. What does everybody think of this statement? If we wanted to find a higher sense of purpose would it be wiser to read a self-help book or to study Zen Buddism? Meditation is a good source to reflect upon your past and find more peace in the 21st century push button society, but is this the most constructive and beneficial path toward discovering happiness in life? Talking about happiness, where does an individual find the road to happiness if there is such a road


  1. That is a wise statement indeed. In trying to become good all around people, we make the world a better place.

  2. Yes. Everyone wants to think that change occurs by studying the bible, sitting at home, or reading self-help books.
    The changes within come from action.
    Go help God’s other kids.
    You’ll very quickly find yourself hanging around people who probably have less than you, give more than you, and are much happier and serene than you. And that is NOT the people you’re helping, but those that are already helping others.

  3. “Seek Ye first, the Kingdom of righteousness.” The answers to your questions lie in God’s Holy Word, not in yourself. So many self-seekers out there, and never are they satisfied, because it is impossible without God. You will always let yourself down, and so will other people let you down. Try not following false religions that try to make you “feel good” about yourself. Try putting yourself aside for others, and serve others. True Joy comes from the Lord, and nowhere else. And you will not find it anywhere else. No even within yourself. God is the answer, friend. “Seek Him,” and ye shall find Him. Jesus died for you. What other false god would do that? not a one. Turn from these false gods, and worship the one True God, Jesus Christ. You won’t regret it. God bless

  4. Hi Dustin,
    You have a few quetions in there, but maybe we can help.
    Your friend is correct, we should do our best with what we have. Doing so gives us a sense of accomplishment which adds to our awareness of self-worth. But that only goes so far.
    And self-help books seem to only work when there is someone in your life to validate the growth from that type of book. We all have a need for someone else in our life and it does not matter if the relationship is healthy or unhealthy, the need is still there. Plus, the fact that no one person knows everything about everything is proof of our need for each other. How can we live in a society with others and yet think we can survive isolated on an island? So to speak,
    The fact that we have a need to be happy means that there is a condition of unhappiness which no one likes to be in for very long. That takes us to the afore mentioned road. When God created us He placed in our souls the need not only for each other but for Him also. That is why we have a problem with choosing between so many religions. Everybody wants God there own way. And if God never placed in us the need for Him then we would not have these enlightening conversations about Him.
    Happiness comes from a sense of the ‘outside of self’ happenings in our life going the way we want them to.
    Joy comes from a knowing that we have a solid grip on who we are, why we are here, and where we are from. It’s all about the ‘inside of self’ and Who inhabits that place.
    Distress, depression, crime, unhappiness, etc. stem from pride, ignorance, and fighting against the way God decided we should go. If your dad & mom want you to go with them to the dentist and you want to go to the candy store, who is going to be the unhappiest?
    Now, I realize that this does not answer all or maybe even part of your question, but I hope these words leave you with a better idea on which way to take your journey. Because that’s what we all are on. And if on that journey we can help each other, if only for a few miles and we part, then Praise God.
    Maybe, in the future, if you narrow down your question, you will be able to receive, with pinpoint accuracy, better answers.


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