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Was this comment rude?

I posted a comment on a friends facebook page. Generally she has a sarcastic sense of humor…except this time apparently.
She posted a picture of herself with her 28th birthday cake, candles aflame. One of her friends commented on the picture and said “why don’t you post more current pictures of yourself?”
And I responded, jokingly might I add, ” Jill, just likes to post pictures of the past to remind herself of when she didn’t feel like an old hag…right Jill??? LOL! 🙂 JK of course!!!
She is now 30 and the point of my joke was that after 30 most people joke about being old. Was my joke just plain rude? Or can you see the joke? She wrote to me and told me how much I had hurt her feelings and that she was actually thinking about dumping me as a friend on facebook. I apologized of course but am still and so surprised this offended her so much.
What do you all think?
I’m also 30. I know people are sensitive about aging. I am the kind of person who would never call a person a “hag” intentionally. In this case I used the word to support the joke, not actually calling HER a hag, just highlighting the emotions of feeling old. I will be more sensitive around her.


  1. I don’t see this as rude at all.
    But some people are more sensitive to things like this, and take the small things really, really personally.
    Its great that you apologized, but I would watch what you say to her next time if she is that sensitive.

  2. I think it was rude due to the word you used, “hag”. That unbalanced the joke and pushed it just a little too far.
    People change, maybe she’s changed.
    – Pepper.

  3. Yes it was rude. No woman wants to see herself called an old hag. You were insensitive and I hope you’ll learn to think before you trash somebody.

  4. When you’re over 30, you don’t like to be reminded about it. Other people joke about it, people in their 30’s don’t find it funny. Turning 30 plays mind games with you.

  5. I am a sarcastic person and I found that funny. I don’t think it would insult me… I don’t know, many people have different levels on how they feel. Some people can be insulted by such simple things when others are not! It depends on that person. Sometimes you can joke and joke until one joke gets a little harsh. But you said you were sorry… so hopefully she will see it.

  6. You were rude. Most people over 30 don’t joke about being old, I don’t know where you got that dumb idea. If someone called me an old hag I would be pissed. There is a way to be clever and sarcastic and a way to be brutal. Unfortunately your comment was the latter.

  7. wow, i know how awkward it is when you misjudge a persons humour. Honestly what you said is only rude if the person you’re talking is like 90 years old. You are 30 yrs old yourself so there was no reason for her to have her feelings hurt, if we can’t laugh at ourselves then life just isn’t fun.
    You should not feel bad at all, and you’ve done your part of apologizing so i hope everything works out.
    p.s. since when are 30 year olds self-conscious about their age? 30 is still very young.

  8. People on facebook are not real friends, you don’t meet them in person and can never tell what they really feel, if she’s so offended then dump her and get a real friend.


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