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Was this a Psychic Vampire Attack? HELP!?

Please help. wierd things have been happening lately.
It all started a month ago when i woke up with a baby spider attached to my finger…(no big deal right?) well two mornings later i woke up to the sound of two crows fighting on my patio…still whatever….
It wasn’t until last week were something really unexplainable and strange happened…
I was in my bed having a hard time getting asleep…I was very hot so I opened my door near my bed. Minutes later I closed it suddenly getting cold. I went to sleep but still wasn’t quite in deep slumber…AND THEN….all of a sudden I felt like my whole body was on needles (like how you feel when your foots asleep but my back and spine arms and chest felt like that). It was such a weird sensation so I woke up and tried to sit up but this force was repelling me to, so I tried to scream but couldn’t, I couldn’t move so i was trying to fight against it and all of a sudden I could feel my eyes roll back into head. I was starting to panic so I used all my energy to turn to my side were I look over and see a little girl levitating in a long blue dress. I looked at her and actually became less afraid and started breathing again but very heavily. I screamed and shut my eyes tight trying to pretend it was a dream, but I opened them and realized it wasn’t and turned on all the lights in my house not believing what just happened.
My friend’s mother said it was a spirit but i don’t know…
Two nights later I slept in my brothers room having a bad dream about vampires for some reason ( which is odd because I don’t pollute my mind with nonsense) I woke up (at 3 am) and looked over my bed seeing a dark shadow figure that i thought was a shadow that moved ( And no it was not my brother). But this time i could move and scream. I was super freaked out ( I felt a bad “vibe”, worse than before). Since then nothing has happened. But still I wonder what went on. I read googled and found out it might be “psychic vampires” but i don’t really believe in that kind of stuff. I REALLY NEAD SOMEONE TO BELIEVE THIS THOUGH!. Please help me …thanks
OH and i have religous symbols in my room…all though Im not a spiritual person at all , I deffintly think its negative. I do light insense in sage. I don’t believe in demons…I know it wasn’t that…and please explain to me more about vampires/ghost because i know very little and need answers! THANK YOU!
OH and i have religous symbols in my room…all though Im not a spiritual person at all , I deffintly think its negative. I do light insense in sage. I don’t believe in demons…I know it wasn’t that…and please explain to me more about vampires/ghost because i know very little and need answers! THANK YOU!


  1. I believe you. I also believe you should fight back! Don’t give in to their power.
    “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

  2. I do believe you but it isn’t a psychic vampire- its a demon.
    Demons come to people in dreams or almost asleep- dream demons they are called.
    They are used to frighten humans off the path they are starting to walk.
    Obviously you were or are going to do something the evil does not want you to-
    My advice is to pray to God- that is what I do when it happens to me- not to the extent of what happened to you- I felt someone sit on my bed a few times when I am awake and no one else is home- I pray- close my eyes tight and pray that God makes the evil in the house/room go away and to protect me from evil.
    It always works- pray

  3. You definitely need to set up some psychic protective energy fields around you.
    Do some prayers and/or chanting in whatever tradition you’re most familiar with. Purify your living space with sage and incense.
    Do “Om” vibrations to completely fill the area around you.
    Put up images of holy figures and protective symbols.

  4. It may have been a demonic attack but you can believe that that a vampire had nothing to do with it other then to say that even if you don’t believe in vampires their image does frighten you somewhat… As for the rest Well being a paranormal researcher and investigator I have heard similar stories,,,,,, so there is no reason not to believe in what you are saying……….. What does create doubt in my mind is your lack of talk about the fear that you felt during this situation that has occurred… For when situation like this normally happen to someone their fear is all they talk about so either you are that strong or you are going to be a good sci-fi writer….. But either way you do tell one hell of a story………

  5. That’s called sleep paralyse. You get sort of a electric current going through you and you can’t move.

  6. I know that this isn’t a psi vampire attack. When you are being ‘attacked’ by one you will only feel drained for a bit, but get better after you get away from that person. As for the feeling of needles. That does randomly happen to people sometimes, for me it happens every week or so, that isn’t something to worry about. Also, the not being able to move or scream is nothing to worry about either. That is something that will happen when you wake up suddenly. The little girl in the blue dress is not a bad spirit, I can tell that because you became less afraid after seeing her, if it was a bad one it would have made you more afraid. And the second night, you woke up at three a.m., which is called dead time. Dead time is when spiritual encounters happen the most, with you it was the dark shadow. My guess is that the shadow was made by that little girl in the blue dress. I don’t believe that she is dangerous, but actually a good spirit to have around. The bad vibes you described could just be from being really scared. But just to be sure you should keep on taking safety measures such as burning sage and keeping symbols and keeping symbols like the cross and pentacle, which is the star in the circle. E-mail me if anything else like that happens or if you can explain the little girl better.

  7. i belive u i come in witness with a vampire almost exsacly how it happened to u it was a vampire an orignal its one of the first ever vampires they can get in to ur dreams an it can make u do stuuf its called compellin if any thing else happens buy something called vervain its a flower put it in a necklace or under ur pillow


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