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was there consciousness before the universe came into being


  1. We don’t know. That’s the truth, and there’s no way to know, at least with our current knowledge. Anyone who says otherwise is a big fat liar.

  2. Well in order to create something, One would say you’d have to be intelligent or at least have the DNA instructions to perform an action or creation or formation. So one could say, yes there was either consciousness of God or it was in God’s instructions to create.
    Or you may think philosophically and say, well in order to recognize the universe as such, then you would have to be conscious, therefore before human existence there was no universe nor consciousness, that’s if option A is not true.

  3. P.34 – ร‚ยง2 Notwithstanding the infinity of the stupendous manifestations of the Father’s eternal and universal personality, he is unqualifiedly
    self-conscious of both his infinity and eternity;
    likewise he knows fully his perfection and power. He is the only being in the universe, aside from his divine co-ordinates, who experiences a perfect, proper, and complete appraisal of himself.

  4. God existed that was the only consciousness as you put it.
    God created man after he created the universe and the planets and moon and stars.

  5. Ignoring a person would substitute name-calling for anything constructive, God, having consciousness could be considered as being before the universe came into being. The tricky part is defining “before” when dealing with God who is self-existent at all times at the same time. Since time is also one of His creations, He transcends time.


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