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Was there a defining moment in your life, as far as your religious faith/intellectual beliefs?

Did you have a moment that made everything crystal clear for you, regardless of what your belief, be it religious, non-religious, or intellectual? Was there a time that settled for you all of the things you use to define questions of faith and how they pertain to life?
If so, what was the defining moment for you? Do you feel that it was a spiritual awakening or an intellectual resolution? Was it prompted from within; that is to say, on your own volition, or do you feel it was an external communication that brought clarity to you?
Your considerate answers are most appreciated.
Me? I’ve had no defining moment.


  1. im not a religious person, but i was saved by God, and i have never doubted his existance since, and i dont care how may “thumbs down” i get, good luck to you all.

  2. Definitely external.. Jesus made himself known to me in the most personal of ways. Have you ever felt his presence around and over you? It’s unlike anything you can imagine. And when he goes so far as to lead a stranger to prophesy over you and confirm things in your life that you’ve never even spoken of, it really puts the cherry on the sundae for ya.

  3. Well,i know i’ll get thumbs down,but i don’t care.Clarification came to me when my pops passed away 3 months ago,i now NO longer believe in miracles,because either God takes you at his time or he doesn’t,no matter how many times you pray,or the faith you have,it is ALL up to God in what happens.

  4. Yes!!!! When I discovered what Dispensationalism was and how fooled I was by this horrible theology. It made me learn and appreciate the Bible more.

  5. I was 30 years old and cruising through life. I was an alcoholic and drinking with friends one night when I had this overwhelming feeling in my heart that I was doing wrong. After struggling with this feeling all night, I asked God what should I do and He said give your life to me, and I did. I then read the Qur’an and the Bible and found hope for my life there.

  6. The Catholic Church always told the followers that Priests received a calling from God. When it was discovered that priests had been molesting children for decades it was a choice between. God is a very sick deity or non-existent. I chose non-existence.

  7. This is simple for me… the first time I meditated and could actually ‘see’ my thoughts and emotions.
    Until then I was like most people, in love with my ‘thoughts’ and content thinking (wrongly) that this is who I was… my waterfall of ongoing thoughts and emotions.
    I have read close to a thousand books, I thought I was pretty smart, but *nothing* compared to that moment of realization that most of these thoughts were keeping me from the well of love deep inside of me.

  8. The moment I realized that I was connected to everyone else and they were connected to me. Therefore my purpose in life was to help others, nothing more. It was from within myself that I realized it.

  9. +PAX
    For me, it was when I became Benedictine and began living the Benedictine Spirituality/Holy Rule. I’m only a novice oblate yet but have learned tremendous things thru God that have turned what I have left of my life around. And I thank him for the new found closeness I feel to Him as well.

  10. I hoped that there was a God. I at the same time, hoped that I wouldn’t leave too much of a mess, or made people too sad when I killed myself.
    So I was a suicidal Agnostic.
    The night I prayed the ‘Sinner’s Prayer’ and gave myself to God, His Spirit wasn’t shy about letting me know that God is real. And then the vision came, and the demon that haunted me since I was 8 years old was taken from me. I was 24 at the time.
    So yes, it was rather defining. I would have been dead if God hadn’t intervened. As far as my intellectual beliefs, they have been satisfied as long as I trusted God with them. I did not commit intellectual suicide when I became saved. Rather my intellectual curiosity was spurred into what can be called, ” A higher level”.
    Something had to explain the dreams that I had; my parents getting into an accident that threatened their lives while I wasn’t contacted until a day later. But I knew the night before in my sleep. And that it was a large vehicle which turned out to be a van.
    And the out of body experience that I had as a teenager. Something had to explain that. I wasn’t a Christian until I was 24, so what I had was proof to me only that there was a spiritual part of me that was just as much a part of me as my skin.
    What the prayer at the night of my conversion from Agnosticism to Christianity did was confirm that whatever Christianity was, it was reinforced by the experience of speaking the belief in God through Jesus Christ when the Spirit came and made me want to speak in a language I didn’t know (I still only know English), and yet I resisted because I knew my sister in law (who was cleaning the bathroom outside my closed door) would hear me and think that I was nuts.
    And I saw a part of heaven during that time.
    So, it would be intellectual dishonesty for me to deny any of it. I had my proof thrust upon me and I cannot deny it. Not even for a minute.

  11. I may be talking a load of **** but I feel if you had this experience alone then accept it, and as long as you have your believe whatever it is, follow YOUR GODS moral codes and I dont think you will go wrong in life.
    If you got this experience in a group of God Botheres then I think it is hypnosis I have seen many people go down what I feel is the wrong path with these brain washers.
    And yes !!! I have had an experiance and would like to share it but maybe no-one would believe it, so I have my faith and my beliefs so if God is really up there then I think he will let me into his house after a smacked bottom.
    God Bless you
    Just be careful

  12. I do not know which defining moment you can take, Or conversely perhaps, that I can explain.
    When I was in grade 2, I was walking past the Roman Catholic Church, and the choir was there practicing for Christmas mass, and it was in Latin, and High Mass.
    I do not attend that church. I am Ukrainian Catholic, but such is my fate to have to be entwined with such an enigmatic religion.
    Anyway, I was sure, that when I wasn’t looking, there was a giant angel standing beside the church. I felt more than I was to hear that music, and those voices.
    and you Jack? What was your defining experience?

  13. My defining moment came in 2000 when I was diagnosed with a level 4 Malignant Melanoma! I rededicated my life to Christ! Thy will be done…..

  14. There was not one big defining moment for my faith. But when I was about 12, I was watching a Billy Graham Revival on TV and Mr. Graham really spoke to my heart. I’d already believed in God. At the end of the show, Mr. Graham, as he always does, asked people to commit to Christ. Many heeded his call and walked down to the front of the stadium. In my parent’s living room, alone, that was the moment I really committed to Christ. And I’ve never looked back.
    The rest of my life has been made up of countless smaller defining moments, which combined together, has only strengthened my faith and my realization that God is real. A prayer which is answered; someone, a friend or stranger, says something to you which is significant in a spiritual sense–you know it’s from God; something you read or hear on TV, or a song–again with a message you know is from God; books you read which make you understand your beliefs more; a revelation as you read a verse in the Bible; seeing miracles or blessings in the lives of others; looking back and seeing where God has been with me–understanding divine order at work in my own life; praying and feeling so happy you want to cry; a sudden joy and thankfulness to God for all that He has done; moments of knowing in the deepest part of my heart and soul that He is there for me. The faith that I have today is a result of all these tiny moments and realizations. And I think faith is like that, it doesn’t stay the same. It grows or dies or changes or evolves for everyone.

  15. I just wrote a testimony of my coming to believe in Christ that was a novelette. I did not submit it because of the length. When I remember that time of my life, I am like the woman at the well, when after talking to Jesus, she managed to spread the news of the Man who gave words of life through a whole village.
    I came to believe by asking a God that I did not know, and was of the opinion might not even exist to reveal himself to me. I did not know of any sinners prayer, and had very little exposure to any church as I was growing up. I have since came to realize that maybe it was easier for me because I had never been hurt by a church teaching. I have ministered to the walking wounded from a church that may teach the truth, but is does not want to preach too much grace, lest anyone use that as an excuse to sin. I know He is a Holy God, and my desire is to walk in the light of that knowledge.
    I know that before my moment with my Creator, I did not know the meaning of love. I only thought I knew the depth of my sin. Only He could have changed me so. Here I go again, so yes it was of my own volition to ask Him if He was out there, and if He was to show Himself. I read the bible because His words give me hope and reveal the very nature of our Lord.
    Think this is long? I am saving the other for a book!


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