Home Discussion Forum Was the world hearing my thoughts natural or unnatural?

Was the world hearing my thoughts natural or unnatural?

I asked another question earlier, but wasn’t specific.
I’m Hannah, by the way.
Was the mass-telepathy caused by natural circumstances of my brain, or was it caused by a group of persons or experiment?


  1. The world cannot hear your thoughts. If you really believe this, you should tell somebody (not us, someone you know) and see what they think. I do believe in telepathy, but I think you are talking about something else…

  2. Yes, I heard you, but I was eating some very loud crunchy potato chips. Next time give me a pre-message message telling me you are going to be sending a message so that I know to stop crunching these chips, okay?

  3. If we had heard you would not be asking this question
    You would have got the answere too with telepathy
    I do belive in telepathy but what you said cannot happen
    Telepathy is concentrating on someone or something and passing information without speaking so mass telepathy is not possible.


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