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Was the Buddha born like an ordinary human or was he a reincarnation ?

Just wondering ?


  1. The buddah discovered the discipline of the maitreya, and was the first being to achieve enlightenment and transcend reincarnation.

  2. He was born the usual way, but he was conceived when his mother, the Queen, was struck in her abdomen by the trunk of a white elephant.

  3. The Buddha was a human incarnation of Vishnu — the Intelligence that sustains the universe and this is clearly mentioned in multiple scriptures. But He never claimed to be a God or expected anyone to worship Him. He wanted you to find the “God” within yourself and other sentient beings. So he came as a reincarnated form from the past but once he gained enlightenment he transcended the circle never to be born again.
    Edit: The Misogyny quotes are proven forgeries as the facts show he was the first to launch a female monastic order. Also, Buddha NEVER spoke out against ANY Gods. Ever. He did not focus on Gods as much as He did on suffering.

  4. If Buddha was a reincarnation of Vishnu, then why would he speak against the gods?
    He had to be a man, but he never was ordinary as he was born a prince. He cast away all possessions and wealth to find enlightenment and the solution to ending the vicious circle of reincarnations. But after all sorts of exercises of ascesis, he gave up. And that is when he was relaxed that it came to him. But he was not perfect as some of his quotes are particularly misogynistic. Especially the 8 heavy duties. I don’t find the Buddha to be so enlightened on this topic! Check this forum:


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