Was Socrates sacrificing himself to save others or to create a legacy?





And why did he say the opinion of the unjust doesn’t matter to Plato yet he yields his opportunity to escape because of what others will think?


  1. Socrates remained true and faithful to his teachings , if it is the will of the state that he die then as a law-abiding citizen he would be a good and responsible citizen by being obedient to those laws and not seek to thwart those laws even it meant his death .

  2. In a sense, the answer is “both”. His legacy was to “save” others albeit not in a physical sense ( we all die ). The principles that he believed in were more important than extending his life by a few years in exile.

  3. Socrates was kinda an ego maniac, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the latter, then again he could have been altruistic in his sacrifice, who knows.

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