Was Socrates a pagan and/or a wiccan?





I read something to this effect in Phyllis Curott’s The Book of Shadows, which I just finished, loved and highly recommend.


  1. Wicca did not yet exist at the time of Socrates. He obviously had Hellenic leanings, being of the ancient Greek persuasion, but he wasn’t particularly religious in the modern sense of the word. He saw religious things in a more metaphorical sense and was rather amused by those who saw it in the superstitious sense. I suggest you look into some of what he wrote. He was a very clever and insightful fellow.

  2. I’m pretty sure he was an early Greek Monotheist. If not, he was a non-pious Pagan of the time.
    Wicca is only 50 years old, darling. He was definitely not a Wiccan.

  3. I was neither I tried to determine whether or not virtue can be taught, and this naturally leads to a careful investigation of the nature of virtue itself. Although my direct answer is that virtue is unteachable, I proposed the doctrine of recollection to explain why we nevertheless are in possession of significant knowledge about such matters. I submit that knowledge and virtue are so closely related that no human agent ever knowingly does evil: we all invariably do what we believe to be best. Improper conduct, then, can only be a product of our ignorance rather than a symptom of weakness of the will.
    Thank you for asking.

  4. Well first of all , Socrates wasn’t around when wicca was invented in the 20’s/30’s. Secondly Socrates was greek which means that he was most likely polythiest. I can’t tell you accurately, cuz he wasn’t too talkative to me. I’d suggest abit of world history/ anthropology, if your really serious about learning.

  5. He was neither a Pagan or a Wiccan. He was a philosopher, more concerned with philosophical debate than religion.
    If you read his dialogues, he was not familiar with the details of paganism or wiccanism. His main thrust was the accuracy of debate and the purity of argument to get to an answer. Having said that, he lived in a time where most people had some connection with Pagan type thinking compared to us today.

  6. He technically wouldn’t have been either one. I’m sure he worshiped the Greek Gods, but pagans were country people so I doubt he’d qualify and Wicca didn’t exist until the 1950’s.

  7. Socrates was Greek and lived in the 4th century BC.
    Wicca is a British Isles religion.
    I highly doubt he even knew what Wicca was.

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