Was Nostradamus a clairvouyant, a psychic, a doctor, a medium, witch or a poet? Was he just a creative fake?

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You are correct my friend……


Probably the last one,a creative fake!!!Look at the way he used words,so open you can use them to translate any way you feel fit!Cheap stuff!!!

johnny cee

He was a Catholic writer wasn’t he?
I Corinthians 13;8a, Love never fails.

Shining Star

Nostradamus was a doctor and a scholar. In his time education was something reserved for the lucky few, there were no public schools for everyone. The lucky few got to study knowledge that had been handed down the ages, including the mathematics of Pythagoras and Aristotle’s philosophy. The (mostly) men who got to have this knowledge and practiced it were what we call “Renaissance people” today: they were thoroughly schooled in many disciplines, much more than your average pupil today. Nowadays they would be called geniuses.
And since almost everyone around him was not schooled or taught how to think reasonably, they were superstitious and for his medical skills called him clairvoyant, psychic, medium, witch and creative fake. Whereas he had just studied diligently, had a brilliant mind and had more talents than one.
What a difference an education makes, eh?


He was an astrometer who used past events as a guide to figure out patterns of events nothing more. He was not a medium or anything else except really good mathematician


yes to all so a genius


Yes, all of the above, to some extent. He went to school in Paris to become a doctor, but there is no record of him actually graduating. He became an itinerant doctor during the Black Plague, but became interested in the afterlife when his own wife and son were killed by the plague. He began publishing an almanac which contained predictions, like many other almanacs of the time, but he became famous when one of his predictions seemed to come true. He claimed the king would be killed when “Golden Cage was pierced” (he was killed in a jousting match when his opponent’s lance acidently splintered and went through the front of his helmet). The queen then had him do a reading on each of her children, and he told her that each would be a king or queen. It only came true because many succeeded each other when they died early, but he was still right. He wrote many of his predictions in quattrains which were so general that you could read about anything you wanted to into them.

Black Aliss

he was a seer & a mystic…but prophecy is strange like that… hindsight is 20/20, but the methods nostradamus used to aquire his visions are stll valid today…What i find most uncanny are the predcitons that he made about his lifetime, and about his death, and about his grave’s excavation…i dont think he was a fake, i think that his volume of true prophecy lends himself to credulity similar to Edgar Cayce…but then again that is just my opinion.. i am not a scholar on the subject or anything


Draw your own conclusions, according to his predictions, the world was to end in 1999. We didn’t make it, did we?


None of the above. Nostrodamus was actualley critcising the king through the guise of a psychic.He used hes status to show people the messed up stuff the king did.


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