Home Discussion Forum Was my telepathy naturally occurring or engineered by science?

Was my telepathy naturally occurring or engineered by science?

I need to know.
And, any explanations are welcome.


  1. You can best answer that, freak.
    But I’ll say, if you’re a real telepath, you’ll ask why they’re asking you shit.
    And if you’re really real, you won’t tell them shit.

  2. for some people it naturally a gift.
    and for some others get it through concentration on some objects like that.
    so it is natural as well as Scientific

  3. It’s naturally occurring, but most people cannot comprehend it all. It’s vibes or things that our intuition pick up. I doubt people can read your mind, but they can observe other things about you and deduce how you are feeling or whether you are telling the truth or lying. They can read your body language.
    Some of the above can be engineered by science because we have polygraphs, medical instruments that take your temperature or gauge your mood, energy levels, etc. While the instrumets can be more accurate or measure what humans cannot do, human beings have intuitive powers that exceed those of machines or scientific instruments. They can make logical or rational decisions from the findings.
    So in the best of both worlds, we should use scientific instruments that exceed those of human senses. For example, the thermometer gives a more accurate reading of temperature than our senses. On the other hand, our mind knows how to interpret the findings and make decisions from it. It’s an intuitive process after the findings have been made using our senses and/or science.


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