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Was my telepathy natural or unnatural?

I’m Hannah and I can’t read your mind, but I have my thoughts transmitted a lot.
Was it naturally occurring, or caused by an unnatural occasion or persons?
Any explanations welcome.


  1. Telepathy is a natural functin of the uman brain. It is a simple matter of the strength of electrical impulses generated by the brain. Usually people that have their thoughts received by others generate a higher than normal bio-electrical field and have higher than normal synaptic activity. You will also fidn that some people receive your thought easier than others. That is because of the elecrtical impulses of their brains and their strength. I wouldn’t worry, unless they start picking up thoughts from your meemories rather than just surface thoughts. Then you might want to seek out someone with knowledge of the subject to help you learn to control this and guard your thoughts.
    Also, you should be careful as to who you tell about this, there are some unscrupulous people that would use it agains you, try to lear things that they probably shouldn’t know.

  2. It was augmented by someone who amplified them. I wonder where they got that amplifier? Do you know them, or are they strangers? I guess since it started within your mind, that part was natural, but once it was amplified by whoever that was, it was not natural. But once it was received, it was converted over to regular thought patterns in our minds, so that part was natural as well. So every aspect of it was natural, except for those people’s part who amplified it.


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