Was Moses inspired by the Egyptian shaman Akhenaton

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What I mean is could Moses have attained enlightenment from Akhenaton and used it as a piece of his own teaching of wisdom and knowledge.

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Akhenaton was a Pharaoh.


Moses was schooled in every way in the knowledge and wisdom of the Egyptians. Akhenaton was known for believing in one god, but when he was gone, everything went back to the “old” many-gods religion. The one-god religion only lasted during Akhenaton’s lifetime. I doubt Moses would have been taught much about Ahkenaton or his one-god religion.

Sirius lord of khem

Moses had a title for a name in ancient Khemite he was called Ramesu which meant the ‘Royal Son’. He was a servant of Akhenaton if you go to a tomb in Egypt called the ‘Tomb of Ramesu’ on hieroglyphics is depicted the 12 hebrew patriarchs. When Akhenaton died the Exodus started so Akhenaton could in fact have gave Moses encouragement. Also Akhenaton was not worshiping son sun he was worshiping the rays of the sun which is natural enlightement.


Serpent, been reading Freud?
This theory was “popularized” by Freud in his book “Moses and Monotheism.” and has just as much validity as the rest of Freud’s hokum-pokum.

james o

We don’t really know much about Akhenaton, except that he tried to shut down all religion except for the God Ra, the Sun god.
I have never heard that Akhenaton was a shaman.
If he were, I would not expect that he would make time for Moses. Pharoah is a fulltime job; you don’t just drop everything and hang with anybody who pops in.
If Akhenaton was as enlightened as you seem to think, one wonders where the indicators were. He certainly seems to have botched his revolution pretty badly.
So what you have here is a very intriguing theory, with a couple exceptions:
1. No indication that Akhenaton was a shaman.
2. No indication that Akhenaton and Moses knew one another at all.
3. No indication that they spent time together, or learned from one another.
4. No indication that Moses got any specialized knowledge unique to the pharoah or shamans.
Other than that, it’s intriguing.

Sacred W

no, who was *Akhenaton* (spelling not your strength?) ?
no, he was not a shaman


Akhenaton was a Pharaoh.

maggie w

You may have something there. If in fact there is only one god perhaps he has enlightened others with the same information. ~M~


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