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Was Jesus a witch or a shaman?

1. criticized the hypocrisy and legalism of the religious status quo, and chose to embrace an alternative spiritual path. (Matthew 23:1-36.)
2. was a psychic healer. (Luke 6:19; John 0:1-12.)
3. acknowledged the divinity within each person. (John 10:34-36.)
4. lived close to nature. (Matthew 8:20; Mark 1:12-13, 3:13; Luke 4:42; John 18:1.)
5. believed in magic. (Matthew 7;7-11.)
6. could command the weather. (Matthew 8:23-27.)
7. had a profound relationship with the elements. (Mat 14:22-26; Luk 3:16; Luk 8:22-25; Jhn 9:6.)
8. could channel spirits. (Mar 9:2-8.)
9. was comfortable with sensuality and eroticism. (Luk 7:36-50.)
10. practiced a form of the Wiccan Rede. (Mat 5:21-22; 22:33; Jhn 8:32.)
11. advocated Perfect Love and Trust. (Mat 5:48; Luke 6:32-36; Luk 12;22-34.)
12. was accused of being under the influence of demons. (Jhn 8:48; Jhn 10:20.)
13. was killed, unfairly, for his “blasphemy.” (Mar 14:63-64.)


  • It’s a bit of a complicated issue. You should really read outside of the bible though. The bible leaves out about 20 years of his life. 20 years he was doing something. It’s believed that his uncle was a trader, and Jesus may have spent time traveling various parts of the world that may have had an influence on him.

    There are murals in parts of Asia depicting a paler, bearded man within several of the Buddhist temples. He was not the “son of god” but was seen as a Bodhisattva. An enlightened man. There are records of Tibetan Monks walking on water as recently as the 50’s, as reported by a couple of American Solders.

    There is some evidence that suggests he may have visited the Druids in Norther Ireland

    Several historical records suggest that Mary Magdalen wasn’t a prostitute, but rather she was a high priestess in the Cult of Isis who become enamored with Jesus. Who knows what she may have taught him, which is why the story was changed to reflect a woman of a.. different profession.

    I don’t know if you could say he was a Shaman, or a witch as those actually imply very specific religious beliefs. Look around, see what you can learn about those 20 years of his life that are missing from the bible. It gets pretty interesting.

    Also, keep in mind that when you’re reading the bible you’re reading it in English. When the words don’t quite fit they use the closest thing to it. Jesus may not have said “magic”. If you’re really interested don’t use a bible that’s English, translated from Greek, translated from Aramaic. There are now direct Aramaic-English versions available and the differences are quite astounding. Check with Amazon.

  • First the question should be was He a *Wizard* or Shaman. I had this very discussion with my spiritual adviser awhile back. The things that Jesus did would fit easily under either category. The answer that I got from my priest was that Jesus was more like a Shaman. The reason is that a Wizard does not usually acknowledge the source of the power or ask permission. A Shaman does. Jesus acknowledged that the power came from God the Father. And Jesus showed great respect for all creation and for the free will of human beings.

    #13 was because he said he was the Son of God. This had nothing to do with his use of the power of God to do good things.

    Note: A *Wizard* is the highest level of Magick practitioner. (As in Wise Man/Wise Woman) Witch/Warlock is a lower level.

    Also in reply to a post by ‘guraqt2me’. Wizards and Shaman are not of the Devil. They can be if they choose to be, but most all are good people using the power that God put in the universe. Both group are very holy and very wise.

  • I respect this question, though I’m not sure if it’s for the same reason that you asked it. I think that this question proves that a person can find whatever they are searching for in the Bible. And the short little snippets of quotes are precisely the average length of Bible references despite the fact that they come from whole passages and are presented completely out of context here. I think that the fact that one man can look at the Bible and make your inferences, while another man can find something that is not only different from this, but is actually in opposition is perfect evidence that the Bible is not the infallible word of God. Rather, the Bible is perfectly fallible, open to wide ranging interpretation. I believe that the Bible is not an instruction manual given by the creator, but a historical manuscript given by our fathers. I also believe that the Bible has lost so much to the ravages of Popes, Kings, translators and centuries. I’m actually surprised that the references that you quote would have survived all that time, and all those edits, misunderstandings and omissions.

  • I could not possibly put a label on Jesus.

    Over 2000 years after his death….we have built religions around him and argued about who he was and what he stood for.

    He definitely existed and he definitely had a profound impact upon society.

    I respect & admire Jesus Christ!

  • Wow, I believe in you final analysis, but you made some huge generalizations about those passages.

    Jesus also said “Anything I can do, you can do,” Before he showed Peter how to walk on water. Peter didn’t last very long though. Some, metaphysicist especially, have always taken this to mean that there wasn’t anything that made him different from us, other than he was the first Christ.

    Words like Witch, Wicca, Shaman, and Magic, were unknown to Jesus. They all come from other cultures not present in Israel. So don’t apply them.

    A MESSIAH (outside word again, greek i believe)
    And probably a political activist or revloutionary.

    But he was certainly not a Native American Shaman or a Wise old woman from prehistoric germanic lands.

  • NO … Jesus wasn’t neither, a witch nor a shaman. Works of witches or shamen are of the Evil One; whereas, Jesus Christ did His Father’s Will ! Does a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit or bad fruit ?

  • He was and is the son of God- doing God’s will= doing what the Father told him-healing, raising the dead, casting out demons- forgiving- going against the religious Pharisees-D

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