Was Jesus a Tibetan Lama? : BBC Documentary

“Did Jesus Die?” is a documentary produced by Richard Denton, ex-director in the BBC, presenting a theory of crucifixion that originated with Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad , founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The documentary will be asking the question as to whether Jesus in fact survived the crucifixion and whether his being seen after the crucifixion was an example of survival rather than resurrection.

The documentary then examines the question as to where Jesus disappeared after the crucifixion, by investigating various claims that he travelled to the south of France and even England. Finally, the documentary raises the evidence that Jesus travelled to India, Tibet and Nepal before dying at an old age and being buried there in the Khan Yar quarter of Srinagar, Kashmir, India, where his tomb is said to reside.

Following the film screening, a Q&A will be held with Richard Denton, director of “Did Jesus Die?” to answer any questions pertaining to his personal views on the theories covered in the screening, as well as his own experience of visiting the purported tomb of Jesus .

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