Was it good that Socrates got killed for asking such annoying questions?

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well if platos account of it is true then ..was it goo…..
re julz did aristole succed because of socrates. didn’t he run away from his home because he didn’t want to become the next Socrates
what happened to one of the answers?
I wasn’t planning on writing an e/book but maybe unintentionally I am.

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You could be next


Socrates was a genius! Because he was curious about the world around him- which was very undiscovered, does not mean he was annoying. He was brillant- unlike this genaration.


History is littered with folk who are dead for asking annoying questions, if your ideas go against the current governments/religion/dictators then you are in for it!


Good for who? Not for Socrates, or his family.
Good to some extent for those who were annoyed by him.
Plato (the student) put his own spin on the real person we call Socrates (the teacher). Others put their own spin on the story of his life as well, but the fact that study his life/impact is still of value (and debated as for it’s veracity) is enough to fill books…
Too bad Aristotle had none of his (Socrates’) writings in his studies. Aristotle wrote that slavery was fine in some situations, and he had a very unenlightened view of the strengths of women as partners in society.
Getting rid of the full details and facts on Socrates was bad for women and slaves.


If it was good that socrates was killed for asking annoying questions..then what do all the question askers on this site deserve?
Surely someone who asks questions stimulates answers, thereby contributing to the progression of humankind

Third P

Socrates was killed because the government think he is a great influence to the youth intelligently. His minds may be indoctrinated by him. The killing of Socrates was not good but an act of cowardice on the part of the government. Is Socrates a big threat to the government? Why kill a great philosopher? Is that good? Not at all.
Thanks for asking. Have a great day!


It was all because of his philosophical foolishness and conceit. He was not actually killed, he killed himself…. For him it is a graceful exit, and it works because his popularity reigns over this era.

andrew l

Yes he deserved it. Soc was a sophist that pretended to be a philosopher. He was a supreme spinner – a Tony Blair of ancient Athens! Nietzsche showed what a devious, cunning little corrupting sophist Soc really was. He had it coming to him.


this is a very good discussion showing the wide range of opinions – we cannot verify anything really since spin tends to be unavoidable even in the age of the Internet
Some will insist with great hoopla that Plato and others did not put their spin on stories or reconstruction of stories about Socrates
quite entertaining, yes
one thing I am glad survived is the notion of “midwife” and/or midwife of ideas – Socrates may have unintentionally given males of the human race a pathway to appreciate the contributions that females make (female philosophers should jump in to the discussion here)
TOO BAD that Aristotle did not like women and approved of slavery in some situations –
maybe a sitcom on YouTube about a hypothetical Aristotle learning from Socrates’ wife would be cool
and provocative!


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