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Was India an under developed country?

Who invented Calculus? The western books say that Newton
invented Calculus. You can see the Sanskrit mathematics
texts by Arya Bhatta and Bhaskaracharya which were written
many centuries before Newton that they contain Calculus. For
that matter, who invented numbers? The Indians.
Who invented Nuclear Physics? Buddhist teacher
Pakudha Katyayana taught atomic theory. Maharshi
Kanaada of 3rd century, B.C. wrote atomic theory
in Vaiseshika Sutras.
Who invented steel? The Rig Veda mentions about
steel. Evidence for the manufacture of steel in
ancient times is available in South India.
Who invented the aircraft? India had many ancient
Sanskrit texts on aeronautics. The Yantra Sarvaswa
of Maharshi Bharadwaja, Vimaana Chandrika of
Maharshi Narayan, Vyoma Yaana Tantra of Sounaka,
and Vyoma Yaanarka of Dandi Natha are some of
More info at ProfPrasad’s Blog ……..


  1. when british ruled in india thousands of indian invented theory burned by them and indian technological jenios killed them
    then europians claim the invention.

  2. First of all, the India you are describing is now in Pakistan. Look where the Indus River is located. Second, all of what you describe is in the past. Technologically, its trailing United States and Europe. So like everyone says, its a developing nation. India did not invent Steel, It may be the origin of damascus steel, but steel is created long before that in multiple location ,perhaps by accident. India did not invent the first Aircraft. If you are refering to gliders, the CHinese did. Lot of the Aeronautic knowledge probably came from the CHinese since they also understood the concept that gave birth to Helicopters and has long used Hot air balloons. Having knowledge on paper is one thing, its putting it into viable product is different. Da vinci is said to have invented helicopter, but too most it’s moot, since his idea can’t fly. I also think thee was some sort of atomic theory from greece that predates the Indians as well.

  3. These all might have been invented by India before… but the thing you need to remember is the current status!!!!… It’s still a developing country. Reason?. Thousands of years of foreign rule. Everything is gone.. stolen.. It’s back was broken. It is now trying to get up on it’s own….
    People can say a lot about current state of India. No matter what you were before, people see you today and talk about you today. No point bragging about something done thousands of years back. Atleast some of it is being coming out… Yoga is getting popular. People are practicing kamasutra… Vedic mathematics that can easily solve complex equations are being brought into light… It will take sometime to get it’s shine back unless these corrupte politicans with their personal agenda continue to screw it.
    That’s the reality. Face it!!!

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