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Was I misunderstood?

I’m a firm believer that Jesus Christ died for our sins. I’ve also had what one might call a spiritual awakening, my Pastor thinks so anyway.I’m not trying to compare notes or hours to fellow Christians. I’m only baffled at some of the Idiotic questions I’ve seen here and I wanted to find out If THOSE people actually spent some time in the book before they asked some of these questions.I appologize to all of you that are believers and have put in the time, yours Is the knowledge I seek.I suppose I worded the question wrong and for that I appologize. As for the order in which I studied I had a choice of joining In with there study of Revalations or waiting until the next class came up, and I chose to join In. They told me Revalations was probably not the place to start, but I didn’t want to wait.


  1. I’m sorry I missed the question….I think…
    But no I don’t think most people know anything about the bible. And I remember years ago thinking I knew so much and it was only until the past couple of years ago that I realized that as much as I have grown in Christ and as much as I’ve learned about the bible and God I don’t know nearly enough.

  2. there’s a mixer of people here who know their bible and some who want to know, it is good that you start where ever you want since you mentioned you are well versed. No apology needed, you have to be you!

  3. This would be more convincing if you’d
    – Made sense.
    – Spelled “Revelations” correctly (and “apologize” as well)
    This is a perfect example of why the rest of us aren’t very impressed by claims of “spiritual awakening”.
    You’re also seeming to assume that it is the believers who have “put in the time” and who have “knowledge”. That’s false. In general on this forum, it is the nonbelievers who have put time and effort into understanding religion, not the believers. It is us – the Atheists – to whom you owe an apology.

  4. It’s really good you have a revelation people should study the word and show themselves approved. If you are wise you are wise to yourself it says in the bible, and if you are a fool you alone will bear it.
    The fact you want to study before you open your mouth is very wise, and there is some people who do not make that same decision. That is up to them.

  5. There are several atheists here who post silly questions to make fun of Christians. The questions that puzzle you are probably these disingenuious ones.

  6. Revelations is a very hard read. It is all dream images and metaphor thru a humans eyes that didn’t quite know what he was looking at. It is way to open for interpretation on what the images mean and weather they have happened or are yet to happen. I would wait for the next class.

  7. Revelation is not a good place to start your scriptural study for a novice of scripture, in my present opinion. Too many things come before it in many ways. Personal suggestion; start with Genesis. Second, (but simutaneously ask yourself if they are ‘done away’ with? (Reason; the scriptural ‘old testament’ is the law of Moses (synonym old testament 2 Cor. 3:13-14 KJV). Can one have the law of Moses before Moses is born (Exodus 2))?

  8. I just read the question that you asked and I understood what you meant…but I didn’t understand some of the negative comments to your answer. I totally understand what you mean by idiotic questions that are asked. I’ve read some of the meanest and ill informed “statements” they are not really questions they are already formed opinions that for some reason some people feel the need to spread this “knowledge” they have throughout the Y/A community. The one last night that just about did me in was concerning Jesus being gay. I have been curious too about how much time they have actually spent reading/studying before they go spouting off. Sorry you were attacked for asking a good question.

  9. Yes, wait for a class before you read anymore in Revelation. That way you can be told what it means without reading it for yourself and using your own brain to discern what it means in your own mind. Whatever you do, don’t think for yourself.

  10. Shouldn’t be surprised by the “questions” we see here. Need to remember, not all questions are serious inquiries, and many are bitter attacks – weak attempts to disprove the Creator.
    Will they go away? Not until the battle is over, and He returns!
    I’ll say this about studying Revelation. I’ve studied it three different times, each with either a different pastor, or a different author. Amazing the new insight I get each time. My advice – don’t get locked into one interpretation – especially as it is prophecy. Prophecy is much easier to understand in hindsight, if this makes sense.
    Oh…when my brother first started reading the Bible..I told him, read proverbs for wisdom, read Psalms for understanding the awe of His sovereignity, read John to understand the cost of His love, read Galatians to really get a grasp on grace. And then start exploring more and more.
    Remember…His Scripture is important when it’s studied in whole, and not just one small aspect.
    email anytime brother!! Always get a bit of excitement when talking with a new believer. His enthusiasm just fires up mine!


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