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was i almost close to astral projecting?

i just tryed to astral project and
i was laying in bed i cleared my mind and relaxed myself
slow breathing and i was thinking
of were i wanted to go then i told myself i was getting lighter
and lighter and then i felt a tingling feeling in my stomach
and then vibration from my stomach to my chest
and it keept getting stronger was i close?
what do i do after that?

i got interupted by a car passing by


  • sounds like it.
    A rushing in your ears is often there too.
    keep trying.
    Get help from others that have done it.
    Guided meditation has done it for me several times

  • Well, it sounds like the vibration might’ve been the car passing by. And I guess the sensation of getting lighter could’ve been your imagination. I’m not entirely sure because I’ve never tried this. But it kinda seems like you might’ve been close…I’d wait for an expert to answer though..and in the meantime try again. (:

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