Was Aleister Crowley a genius?

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I don’t know much about him. But heard someone say he was

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Cris C

He was an idiot




Are you the reincarnation of Alister Crowley?


not at all…he was a very deceived evil man who is seeing the truth now as he is in hell…in torment…..I guarantee it isnt what he thought it would be ….


who’s that?


Like any religious creator, he was charismatic, a bit of an entertainer, a bit of a power-seeker.
I don’t know if that makes him a genius. I also don’t know how psychoanalysts would rate him. But I don’t know that about any other prophet or quasi-prophet throughout history. It would all basically be speculation.
If you’re only looking to religions for something novel or entertaining, then you may find genius in the creativity of these contrivances, but if you’re looking anything deeper from religion, be careful, you’re open to being taken advantage of.


Aleister Crowley, born Edward Alexander Crowley (12 October 1875 — 1 December 1947) was an occultist, Freemason, prolific writer, mystic, hedonist, and sexual revolutionary.[1]


He was nothing more than a charletan and flim-flam man.


He Filled a niche for another brand of religions wacko’s. I think of him as the Other OTHER white meat.
What if R.L. Stine started a religion… Would he be a genius?


Mr Crowley, song rocks by OZZY


he was also one of the most evil people in history .he sacrificed his own sons to Moloch.
he iniciated the skull and bones society of Hitler and the one in America ,to which all the US presidents belong
he wrote a lot of very complicated texts
you will find a lot of stuff under his name on the internet
maybe some in satanism on http://www.infowars as well
otherwise just under satanic cults ,human sacrifice ,or satanism
anbd he could be in Masonic societies as well


Technically…yes, but that’s not something people like to admit. The man was also insane. I believ he was bored and found himself deep in something he could no longer control.


Just another con man.


Absolutely !!!!
He made a whole religion up from a poem by Rabellais ( the abbey of Thelema– do what thou will shall be the whole of the law) as a tongue in cheek thing, he was an entertainer, loved to shock and always got the results. He wrote really bad poetry, yet people hung on his every word. A serial womaniser, he funded his publications, travelled to the places he wanted to go to and made himself famous, not for his poetry or fiction writing, which was dire, but for being the most evil man in the world. Negative attention was better than no attention. He still got to be more famous than those who slandered and criticised him.


If you read some of his writings you willl see that at times, his line of thought actually fuses with my own, and are very brilliant. Look up the article he wrote entitled ‘Duty’ and you will see a very brilliant esoteric work of lit and very practical words/advice for society as a whole! Superb philosophical work I must say!


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