Warmth triggered by thoughts?

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I know this sounds a little weird.
But ever since I can remember I’ve been able to trigger a sort of spiraling warmth starting from my lower back and branching throughout my body with a thought. I get goosebumps doing it sometimes and i don’t have to move or think of anything in particular but doing that. But I feel like someone is pouring warm water over me. No one else seems to know what I’m talking about when I ask if they get it too.
Google says it might be something called kundalini (some sort of yoga spiritual thing) but I don’t know if its all that.
Let me know if you have this too or if you know what it might be.
Thank you!
Thats it too! Warm shivers like Yank says! 🙂
No idea what it is but its nice to know I’m not alone on this!

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thats wicked im not sure

Good Witch

The Best Answer to that, would be evolving into a better you.Take it as a gift from your Creator, and move on. Your just Special.


i know exactly what ur talking about…
its almost like a warm shiver with certain thoughts-or more brief moods perhaps
sorry no answer, just had to drop in cuz its so peculiar and i gets it too

Always Right

Gee, that’s nice. Being able to channel body heat to the surface of the skin to warm yourself sounds like a very useful ability. Anyway, however it works like, don’t deceive yourself into thinking it’s something spiritual or other sorts of bollocks. Our body is constantly kept at a quite high temperature (about the temperature of the air in really, really hot summers). Chances are that whatever you are capable of doing involves some form of voluntary channeling of heat. I guess it happens to most people, but at random times instead of voluntarily.


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