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Warm sensation in bottom of right foot?

Hey, I keep getting a warm sensation in my right foot. I have noticed it for around a week now. It is like a quick flash of warmth in the area of my foot between my heel and my toes. It can happen when I am standing, or sitting, so I doubt it is to do with pressure.
I have never had this feeling in my life before in the past, this is a very new, strange, but not unpleasant feeling.
I have found out that that area of the foot, in terms of reflexology corresponds to the kidney, stomach, gall bladder and waist.
In terms of the chakras it corresponds to the solar plexus.
Doe anyone else get this? It is only ever in my right foot. It comes and goes very randomly. If anyone else has any advice or experience on this I would very much like to hear from you. Also, could it be a blockage in my solar plexus chakra?
Any advice welcome
There is no pain at all involved!
I will make an appointment with my doctor on monday to see if there is a medical explaination, although I do not rule out a spiritual reason I get this sensation, but we will see! I will write again when I have been to the doctors.


  1. Go see a real doctor. Painful sensations that come and go are either vascular, musculoskeletal, or neurological.
    Pain is not always associated with a pathology. There have been people who had heart attacks and their only symptom was a slight pain in their jaw that felt like a toothache. There have been stroke victims whose only symptom was dizziness. When you have something abnormal occur consistently, consult an actual physician. People who practice alternative medicine are RARELY trained in pathophysiology and couldn’t identiy a serious disorder. I once posted a question where the only symptoms were a low fever and a stiff neck and alternative people said they should take some sodium bicarbonate, or they should go to an acupuncurist. They were completely unaware of two major clinical presentations of potentially lethal meningitis. The point is that if this event is recurring, it’s abnormal and could be an early warning sign of what is an easily cured or treated ailment. If you waste your time with reflexology and chakras, then you’re playing a risky game.

    • I agree with you. Although every ailment starts with the spiritual it cannot be cured with spiritual methods (unless you’re seeing Jesus lol) once it had manifested into physical illness. The spiritual illness once materialized into a physical must often be treated on that level. Natural medicine is preventative, not a cure.

  2. Sai Ram. Since you mentioned that the warmth is not painful, it may not be neuropathy. Why not massage that part so that the nerves and organs corresponding to that area get better?
    Give self-Reiki to that area.

  3. What you have described sounds quite similar to a feeling I found myself experiencing some time last year. The feeling was in my right shin and it felt like I would just get this intense not really burning but warm sensation right in one localized area. I had spoken to my podiatrist about it and she suggested that I mention it to my chiropractor. I mentioned to to my chiropractor and she knew exactly what the problem was (although I can’t remember it right now). She adjusted be (pay special attention to what she said was the problem area) and I stopped getting the sensations. But it could also be neuropathy or even a sign of diabetes.

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  5. Hi
    For the last three days i have had a weird heat sensation on my right foot as if ‘spiritual hands’ were giving my foot a chinese burn (effecting right foot from big toe to top half of arch in particular on top of foot and underneath it on inner side of foot) only i couldn’t feel the pressure but i could feel this strange heat, in fact i was eating hot soup when it first happened and actually thought i had somehow spilt some on my foot.
    Having looked up ‘hot sensation in feet’ it does look like ‘0000’s of others get similar sensation in legs and feet so still maybe a medical reason behind it. However i do personally feel it is more spiritual /cosmic – only i haven’t quite worked out what it is i’m sensing, as its only early days.
    Years ago i was heavily into good spiritual things and loved it then due to various circumstances regrounded myself on the Earth plan and became ‘normal’ again for a few years (lol) but i’ve suddenly almost found myself going into orbit again – pretty certain its all the 2012 and Earth’s Ascension business and i’m pretty certain i’m a ‘Lightworker’ and am certainly matching many other symptoms in connection with this ascension transition – only i didn’t remember this hot foot symptom being on the list.
    But i feel almost ‘overjoyed’ at what is happening around the world (not because of people losing lives through recent disasters in Japan and turmoil in the middle east, as humans we feel their pain and anguish as this is so traumatically awful (but i do acknowledge that the souls affected have so kindly agreed to sacrifice themselves) but because i ‘so’ know that everything is meant to be happening in the bigger scheme of things within the Universe/Cosmos, even the global financial disaster was meant to be and things are being realigned and corrected and harmony and balance are being achieved, as they are meant to be and that finally as an Earth we are moving forward so fast now it is like being on a giddy rollar coaster. I hope this makes sense – so i think my hot foot symptom is a spiritual one – maybe connecting with the earth or the golden grid around the earth or earth’s energy surges or something like that – i’m not sure and yet i am so sure that my soul and DNA know whats going on even if i don’t know (weird i know)- anyway i shall book mark this page and see what else people come up with…. all i feel i know is the my hot foot symptom is a good one and feels rather exciting in this great cosmic scheme of things…. hope that makes sense (sorry if i’ve offended anyone being ‘overjoyed’ at truamas around the world – again its a cosmic feeling rather than a human thing – as a human i feel devastated and have no idea how these people are coping when faced with such a nightmare but God Bless them All and Sekhem Reiki to everyone who wants and needs it)
    Reiki Sue x

    • definitely 2012. ive been getting same feeling all over legs and crotch. it feels good. happens when im walking and sitting down. every time it happens to the bottom of my feet. i think one of my dogs peed on the floor but when i check its not wet or hot. gets me every time. i do alot of meditation though. i also believe im psychic. Have lots of crazy dreams, never any nightmares. i try to create my own reality, its really fun. everyone should try it it works.

      • We all get that same sensation, maybe I am just tense or stressing out at work and horror of things I am thinking about “at the END OF DAY’S. I got this idea that when the hot sensation is in the left foot it means I am going the right way and should continue, but when I find it in my right foot it means I must turn around and go the other way. There is no time to question what the universe is telling us or warn us about, just go with it. “GOD” gave us wisdom to use it properly and respectfully. No, I am still but lost in all this and trying to find my feet on earth. There is always a higher purpose then one self in this existence of time; we are finding our self every second in it but the things of the world is distracting us from a lot of things and we question small silly issues that we make into mountains and when we look back, we can actually see how much time we have lost on insecurely stuff. Time is short and waits for no man. All the things happening in this day and age is meant to be and is also written in the Bible, but man will go and change it and also add their own sayings unto it and make it manifest in their own way, that is how you get of tract in life and later on question where is it that you must go and how do one get there.” I am lost” soon there after you go with anything that looks good, sounds great and feels just right for you. But “STOP”

      • thats crazy i ben haveing weird dreams n 4 the first time i ben haveing that feeling i ben haveing it all day thow only last 4 a sec n i had a crazy dream last night

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  8. I’ve been getting intermittent heat on my right heel now for three days. The only thing I’ve been doing differently is eating sweet potatoes for a few days. I’ve also done a bit of meditating and listening to meditation music at night for a couple of days in December but stopped. Did anyone with this strange experience see a doctor yet? If so, what was the cause?

  9. i think that yes they are spiritual signs of what i do not know.
    when i notice this sesnation i try to stop and just notice what it is i am doing, t hinking, reading, and i take it that i am meant to be taking notice of whats going on, or that what i am thinking is correct.
    its an exciting time to be alive and as a new believer i am blown away by my discoveries!! in His name good luck

  10. FYI, the media made most of the stuff up about 2012 (the real Mayan prophesies state that the change will be very gradual and may start anytime btwn Dec 21, 2012 and June 21, 2016. Those dates actually align with hundreds of other culture’s prophesies predicting the end of life on this planet as we know it).
    However I wanted to add than I have begun feeling flashes of a warming sensation on the bottom of my right foot only, over the course of a week or so. There’s no pain and my skin isnt warmer to the touch, its just a warming sensation that lasts no more than 10 seconds each time and occurs randomly a few times a day. Its not on my heel, only the arch and sole area.

  11. I’ve been getting the same thing! It’s in my right foot only and I feel like it’s a sign! I don’t think we need to see a doctor, but rather we need to consult intuition. If anyone has ideas, please share!
    I have been fasting. However I only feel it in my right foot and sometimes my right hand. As you stated, it’s not unpleasant at all.

  12. I too started getting a hot flash between my heel and toes on my rt foot only. No pain. Not burning. Just a really warm sensation.

  13. i have it too , its my right foot . it starts getting hot …lasts for 10 seconds or so then goes away. it happens all day long you never know when it starts it just comes and goes looked up what it could be but still not sure if it continues im going to go to a Dr. cause its annoying now and i just rather know then to guess

  14. I get exactly the same feeling. I have been practicing kundalini kriya yoga for a while. It can happen anytime during the day. Feels very pleasent.

  15. Found this conversation, while searching for an explanation of the warm sensations I only started getting today in the bottom of my left foot.
    I am a relatively healthy 30 year old single mother of 3.
    These flashes have mainly comer and gone while off my feet. They do not hurt.

  16. I too am experiencing this heat in my right foot for the past week or so. It’s actually kind of a yummy sensation it being winter here; I have just been away on a month long spiritual type camp where I was able to work through and let go of a lot of stuff, so feeling pretty alive and buzzy almost right now.

    • I am also spiritual as well!! And lately I’ve been getting really close to God. I was on fb last week & a woman was going live on fb. Then she said I can feel the fire of God burning in my feet right now. And then she said I release this fire to you watching! A week later my left foot begin to get really warm.But it doesn’t hurt at all it’s actually pretty soothing, but I’ve never experienced this before.It been coming & going for about 2 weeks now.

  17. I have exactly the same feeling in my left foot. And it happened few times to my right foot as well. I thiught it is maybe about feminine masculine balancing thing. Left side is the feminen side. What do you think?

  18. I too have had this experience recently sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. It is not unpleasant and feels as though someone has suddenly switched a warm air heater on, on the underneath of my foot. It only lasts a few seconds and it can be either when sitting or standing and only occurs on my right foot. Strange!

  19. I too am experiencing the same sensation in my right foot. It started around three days agai. My intuition tells me there’s a spiritual cause. There’s no pain, no burning, it’s not ‘hot’…just a warm sensation between the toes and the sole of only my right foot. Recently I’ve been stepping into my power. Telling people know and valuing self care before anything else in my life. I’ve decided to focus on self so I can be a better me for my loved ones. Someone in this thread mentioned that in reflexology, this area of the foot correlates to the solar plexus Chakra. I practice the Afrikan Sprirual System of Ifa and have been doing more prayer/meditation/yoga.
    Again, my intuition tells me this is spiritual, as opposed to the medical threads saying some form of a “disorder” (what a surprise :/)
    Blessings to all truth seekers and light workers. Peace!

  20. This is happing to me too. I’ve been taking essential oils and guessed that is what caused it. It’s werid it is happing to so many people. It’s in my left foot. It’s feels really strange. I found somewhere else that it maybe never damage. I wonder what it is…

  21. I’ve just started getting the same intermittent warm fuzzy feeling that lasts for a few seconds on the outer sole of my left foot. Did anyone find out what causes it? Ps. I consider myself quite a spiritual person as well, but have slipped away recently. How crazy is this.

  22. Hi girls, another one here, but im having lower back pain and warm feeling in my right heel, I know, pain expressions are only alarms for emotional baggage, although I really haven’t found any valuable information I’m still experiencing it, and I really do not want to go to a doctor yet. Let me know please if you find the energetic source of this sensation

  23. Wow, just stumbled on this link as I have too had warm sensations in right heel, left arch, left shin and left groin. No pain, no pins and needles. I’ve been wondering if it was hormonal?
    Have any of you ever had an explanation?

  24. This is amazing! I have been getting this warm sensation like someone is holding a heater to the left side of my left foot for a few days now. I know for a fact that this is spiritual. I am very spiritual and I recently started a new meditation that I can feel is very strong and affects me in a big way.
    I think this is a weird yet amazing sign that I am headed in the right direction! I will be coming back to this discussion so if anyone finds out what it means please leave a comment.


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