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Wanting to get a tattoo on my left side near the crotch area?

But I’m not sure if it will get easily infected there or not.
I’ve never a had a tattoo before but know exactly what I want
It’s the rieki symbol for the root chakra, to help myself remember to stay strong in myself in all areas, even sexual ones.
If I get it though, I want to make sure nothing goes wrong.
Anybody have one and have advice?
It would be right on the panty line connected to the left leg.


  1. Sensitive areas of the body do tend to get infected easier. What you have to do is properly take care of the skin around the tattoo after it has been done.

  2. Really try to keep it immaculately clean if you do get one there. If that are gets infected then something more serious could happen too. Good luck with the tat!

  3. I would be hesitant to get it placed at the panty line because the potential for irritation and even ink loss caused by friction. My first tattoo was just to the right of my left hip bone, so it’s still in that region but it didn’t get rubbed a lot from my underwear.


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