Want to try Pilates or Yoga at the gym but everyone is very bendy in the class and I can hardly?

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touch my toes and too embarrassed to enter the class! Have you been to a class?

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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Yes. I still can’t touch my toes. People aren’t looking around the room unless their insecure themselves. Don’t worry about it!

Caitlin H

i havent been to a pilates class but i have been to gymnastics..i am double jointed but im saying that at gymnastics there were so many people like you..there’s nothing to worry about..youll soon get better if you keep to it..and gradually get a little more flexible 🙂


Yes, I hated Pilates as it teaches you to breathe in a weird way, i.e. when I felt like I should be breathing out, I was supposed to be breathing in. Also it’s much harder than it looks. If you’re too embarrassed to attend a class, why not get a dvd and improve your flexibility first?


its OK cause that’s what happens to beginners overtime you’ll get used to it and the next thing you know is you re really bendy, plus nobodies gonna be paying attention to you because they’ll be to wrap ed up on what their doing, and people go through the same thing when there about to start.


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