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Want to share this with you guys, made an error in the first one sry.?

Want to share this with you guys, made an error in the first on sry.?
The 3 Energies Of the Universe
Electric, Magnetic, and Etheric/Dark energy. Electric energy operates at a right angle to magnetic energy. The third energy of Creation, etheric energy, operates at yet another right angle to the other two. What Eletric and Etheric have in common is that they both interact with magentic energy,Electromagnetic energy and Etheromagnetic energy. Dark/Etheric Matter is a msyterious type of matter that Physicist use to try and explain the rotation of galaxies. As you know when mass occupies space depending on its level mass its has an gravitational effect. Example: any planet closer to the Sun because of its Huge mass rotates faster , because its mass occupies space by making a shallow dent are hole in the Universe. The greater the gravity the greater the pull, like black holes. But Etheric/Dark matter has mass but is not any known state of matter, but has a gravitational effect .
Physical matter is made from electromagnetism, which is the interplay of electric and magnetic energies. Etheric matter is quasi-physical, i.e. solid only to the subtle senses, and it is made from etheromagnetism, which is the interplay of etheric and magnetic energies.
Scientist who try to find dark matter or capture it are misguided. Etheric/Dark Matter is not a Physical it cannot be seen, cannot be touched, tasted or smelled can pass through solids with ease and still have mass to have an gravitational effect on an area.
Spirits/Ghost are made of etheromagnetic energy and electromagnetic energy. They pass thorough solids with ease but yet don’t float of into the air but have mass and are subject to gravity. You can’t taste them, touch are smell them. They are Light energy both a particle and a wave. They can condense from Matter into invisible Light, Invisble light into Matter. They absorb/feed of heat energy like a particle.
The Soul is Etheric, just my theory
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  1. You mean orbits faster not rotate on its axis and dark matter keeps galaxies from flying apart. The jury is still out on the nature of dark matter, we will have to have a piece of it to know for sure what it is like. I try not to let my Buddhism get in the way of my education and vice-versa.


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