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Want to know what magick is and isn’t?

Magick and Its Energies

Magick, what is it? To me, it is the energies that resides in all of nature that we all can manipulate to bring about change in our lives. Most people, that aren’t involved in the occult, think that magick is supernatural. It is the total opposite. Magick is as natural as a waterfall or the Grand Canyon.

Everything in nature omits energy, and magick can transform that energy to bring about change in our lives. There are three main types of energy and here they are:

1. Personal Energy- This is the energy that each and every one of us have inside. Our bodies absorb energy from everything from the moon and sun, to the food and water we consume. We are always losing energy also. Every movement we make releases energy, but we always get it back. During magick we build up personal energy to produce a more effective spell! Then when we are done with the spellcraft we return or release the energies back into the ground or back to where you drew it from.(Grounding).

2.Earth Energy- This is just what it sounds like, energies from the Earth. Every tree, each rock, each gemstone, each plant, every gust of wind, every drop of water, or every flicker of a flame has energy. While we perform magick, we will use the elements of the Earth (earth, air, fire, and water) for spells. Every different element omits a different energy. For example if I needed some money, I might use a green candle (green is the color of wealth), some patchouli oil to anoint the candle (patchouli has money properties), and sprinkle the altar with some jasmine (jasmine also has money properties). Then I would light the candle and visualize the money coming to me. If I am doing a spell for another reason, I would use the herbs, oils, or gemstones that omit the sort of energy that I need to make the spell work.

3. Divine Energy- This energy is a combination of both personal and Etherical energies which manifests in the God and Goddess. We will invoke the Deities to bless our magick and lend Their power to the working. In turn, we give Them our personal energy, by raising power before invoking Them.http://www.magickalpair.net/index2.html
READ. Don’t just blindly answer!!!!!


  • I agree with the concept that the magick resides in Everything, its up to the individual how to use it. Some people think they know how to manipulate magick to do their bidding, and it is Always fun to watch karma kick their behinds!

    Magick is to be respected, and in turn you are gifted in the ability to use it.

  • oK, All of these things are against God’s teachings, because it involves the devil spirit. I know people does that, it is not God’s teaching, they evoke the devil and devil blind them and make them feel they are doing something great. In reality it isn’t , why? the devil will be thrown in hell when Christ come to judge the world, the devil knows heaven, before he turns to evil the devil was the angel of God. Since he knows that he is going to be punish in hell, he tried to blind people so he can have people on his side. I urge you to repent because the devil wouldn’t want you. Your soul is eternal and it either belong to God or the devil. Repent because the devil and his people will be punish severely.

  • Magick is the art and science of causing events to occur in conformity with will.

    ANY OTHER definition of Magick is a typo.

  • Magick is the practice of sorcery and invokation of false gods. It is idolatry and having other gods before the Mighty Lord God (Exodus 20).

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