want to know any meditation center where i can stay for a month or two in india and it is safe also?

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i am sick and tired of my life and want to take a break from this metro life ..plz suggest any place in india where i can go and stay for a month ( may be yoga center or meditation center) and its not very expensive also, need to recollect myself …i am 24 yrs old girl so plz suggest only that place which safe to stay alone… plz let me know the approximate amount …need to save before i go there?

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visit vipashyana center at igatpuri, maharashtra. It is 120 km from Mumbai. Its free; there are no fees. You donate at the end of of the course as per your wish. Its good soul searching exercise


hello dear,
why don’t you try Vipassana Meditation Courses. You can check out the related information and apply too from this web link: http://www.dhamma.org/en/bycountry/ap/
Getting a safe meditation camp is not so easy in case you are a girl. In reference to this I’ll advice you not to join any meditation camp which relates itself to Osho. many people may not like my words who are the followers of Osho but it is a fact. Osho camps are attractive and easy to get in too if you are pretty and/or if you have money but you loose your safety and prestige. the only thing they are after for is s*x and more and more girls which they can f***.so they try to seduce you. no doubt the discourses of osho are good to hear sometimes but only if you yourself are not well read and don’t have common sense. i don’t know about many meditation camps but about these two. I have experienced both. Vipassana one is too safe, they do not charge too anything from you. It’s your own wish to donate them something in case you feel satisfied after the course.
P.S. there is one more difference between these 2camps: Osho camps provide you all facilities and will tell you to enjoy your life fully and all the time. there will be too many facilities too over there. Vipassana Camp will concentrate only on meditation. no other side talks and actions but yes not many facilities, only the essential ones. There you have to observe silence too.
Best Wishes!!


The location and the Meditation definitely attract you. It is safe too.


If you are interested in Tibetan Buddhism, you could check out Tushita Meditation Center in Dharamsala and Root Institute in Bodhgaya. The first one gives many introduction courses throughout the year, and Root Institute only has a program around the winter months (October-February) as it gets too hot the rest of the year.
Both are visited by many hundreds of newbies of your age every year, and don’t worry; India is quite a safe place, even for young women.
Try to do a beginners course there, your line “i am sick and tired of my life and want to take a break from this metro life ” could have been written by me many years ago. Going to Kopan in Nepal and these two centers in India changed my life a lot, and for the better 🙂


Goenka Vipassana courses are an excellent start, if you’re prepared to take it serously – these are intensive 10-day retreats where they teach you an excellent method, and it’s all donation-based. Check it out on dhamma.org. They’re located all over India (and the world).
The only down side, I think, is that they won’t let you stay for more than 10 days.
There are other (also free) vipassana centers that will let you stay for as long as you’d like, such as International Meditation Center in Bodhgaya, and Panditarama in Lumbini, Nepal. I would particularly recommend Panditarama, because there is an excellent teacher there (named Vivekananda, though he is originally German and speaks just about every language). Both centers are also meant for intensive retreats, but you can come and go whenever you like. Check out panditarama-lumbini.info.
A word on Osho, in my opinion: I agree that his centers have become very commercialized, but they still have a lot to offer – especially for beginners – and the people I met there were all wonderful and genuinely interested in meditation. If you consider yourself mature enough to make your own decisions, I don’t see a reason to worry. If you don’t feel ready for the intensives, start with Osho.
A general word on India, though: I don’t know if you’ve been there, but make sure you research wherever you intend to go, and it’s best to speak with someone who’s been there before, to be safe and know what to look out for. Get a good guide book (Lonely Planet is the most popular), and the best you can do is hook up with someone, at least for the first few days. It’s an amazing country, but can be very disorganized and overwhelming for westerners, especially for a girl traveling alone. Bodhgaya, for example, is the sweetest little town, full of charming people, but it happens to be in the middle of Bihar, which is a bit sketchy (there’s a lot of poverty in that particular state). Again, the best is to do your actual traveling in groups. Once you reach a center, especially a vipassana center, you’ll be just fine.
Just research before you go.


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