wait so If I experience or have chakra I'm evil? -_-?

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am I tainted if I experience chakra? btw i know atheists do not believe in chakra so if you don’t believe in it don’t answer please it’s wasting my time
actually idiot I don’t even like that show
intuiton whatever the freak is called I hope I didn’t get it mixed up despite the fact that homeboy jikkao w/e knows what I’m talking about…
to the tenth answer:
hey honey did I not add details some time ago that I HATE Naruto???

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You’ve been watching too much Naruto.


I don’t see why it would make you evil. God is Love!!


I thought chakras were the points of the body from ancient Asian medcine and some newer beliefs, in which ailments can be cured, balance restored, acupuncture will work, etc. How does one experience chakra when you walk around with them all the time?


Frankly, my dear, I don’t think you have a clue what you are talking about.


You and your chakra go girl!


I don’t know why this would make you evil.


don’t try to reconcile Hinduism or Buddhism with Christianity.
Christians think everything is evil.


As far as I remember it has been scientifically proven that we have a energy force, I believe a chakra is one of our seven energy points. So scientifically speaking we would all be evil.


Everone has chakras. Some of us know how to “use” them and some don’t . We have a physical body and a light or spiritual body. When we balance our chakras our physical body lines up and is healed. Balancing our chakras also feeds our light body. Very important to all over well being. Chakras can become “stopped up” and energy can’t flow through us, all our chakras, and we become physically and spiritually ill. We must run energy through our chakras to keep all in alignment. It’s called running the chakras and should be done regularly. lol And, no, it’s not evil. It’s healthy.


why evil? well, somehow i belive on chakra bcoz it also explains my belief in this three words “mind over body/matter” (well, maybe four)
i also see that ur an asian, do you, by any chance have watched those japaneses shows like naruto and hunter x hunter. maybe, that is the place you got these crazy ideas.


Well I had to research the meaning of chakra and it is just another word an indian word for wheel as a symbol that life goes round and round. This is true I know there is more, like how certain Indian people have different types of beliefs for chakra, it is very similar to christianity and its many religions. so I don’t believe that anyone is “not saved” because the ultimate sacrifice was finished 2 millenia now. Atheitst can’t help not believing that is why they call themselves that, they don’t believe in anything but their corporal existance they have a right to choose just like we do.

t a m i l

What is chakra?


I don’t know.


May the Lord bless you with good fortunes. Amen


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