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Vote : Battle of the Classics: The Diary Vs. The Fix?

Aite, so Mr. Scarface has been puttin in work since the mid-80’s, and for the most part has received the accolades he deserves.
He has his hands in 5 undeniable classics (Grip It!, We Cant Be Stopped, Mr. Scarface Is Back, The Diary, The Fix), but lets focus on those last two.
If I remeber correctly (not positive about The Fix), both received 5 Mics in the Source, which at the time actually meant something. But I’ve never really seen a thread debating which one is truly better.
The albums could not be any more different:
The Diary is representative of the street Scarface, and the whole album is essentially a continuation of the “Diary of a Madman” theme from his first album.
Truly classic tracks are abundant here, with “I Seen a Man Die”, “Hand of the Dead Body”, and “The White Sheet”
My personal favorite is a sleeper, “No Tears”, which has no chorus, but is arguably one of the rawest verses ever spit in terms of imagery and emotion.
“I’ve got this killer up inside of me/
I cant talk to my mother, so i talk to my Diary/
I’m goin off of the deep end/
I find myself face to face with myself while I’m sleepin/
I see ya picture in my head and my hands shake/
You can run, you can hide, but there’s no escape
My inner feelings show no mercy on my enemies/
I’ve got to get this motherfu*ker, before he gets to me/
So in your own blood you’ll bathe/
and I wont stop until I put this motherfu*ker in his fu*kin grave/
and I can say this once again/
You can cry, but you’ll still die, they’ll be no tears in the end/
Now The Fix is truly remarkable. It shows a complete shift from the tone of the Diary. It shows Scarface’s spiritual awakening, and IMO, is a perfect example of the type of album a gangsta rap artist should make as their age eliminates their presence in the dope game and such.
Anyway, more classics tracks like “In Cold Blood”, “On My Block”, “In Between Us”
My personal favorite has gotta be “What Can I Do”
“I thank the Lord for every morning he allows me rise/
and though the sun is shining, there’s a cloud in the sky/
lettin me know that at any moment there could be rain/
and as beautiful as life is, there still can be pain/
down the block, I hear the sirens just a-screamin away/
and then the inevitable happens, the ending of days/
as sad as it sounds, but thats the price we all gotta pay/
and the whole world knows God giveth and taketh away/
live and i learn, sit and watch my cigarette burn/
down to the ash, it reminds me of the now and the past/”
Aite yall, 2 classics, the choice is yours… you can go with this, or you can go with that


  1. Diary > the Fix..or, Street>deepness…I hope ‘face brings the illness on his new CD..

  2. I love them both…but I’m gonna have to go with The Diary. I can hardly wait for his new album Made to come out on Dec. 4th. =0)

  3. While The Diary is raw, hard hitting, no apologies gangsta ish. I have to go with the deeper more lyrical The Fix. Not to mention it’s awesome guest appearances (Jay-Z, Beans, NaS, WC) and beats (which are led by Guess Whos Back which is one of Kanye’s 3 best works).

  4. I’m glad Im not the only die hard scarface fan. Big up Yall
    You put a good one out here…..Im going with Diary Not an easy decision.

  5. What Can I do is a beautiful song so it Someday…I think Faith Evans is on both tracks right? Yeah the Fix is better. It shows how Face grew from a gangsta 2 maturing in the game. Both were classic albums though. No Tears is one of my favorite Scarface verses. Probably one of the best hip-hop verses. How it started from start 2 finish was great. Then the Hand of the Dead Body was a sick collabo. With Cube & Devin. Talking about how Hip-hop is always blamed 4 everything & how we are always pointed fingures at when trouble comes.
    I’m going with the Fix. Was both classics though.

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