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voodoo dolls help anyone ?

so i got this voodoo doll that is a ex lover voodoo doll, what do i have to do to make it work ?
If u think there alod of shit i dont want you to answer thanks xx


  1. I always thought you had to have something from the person you want to “voodoo” lol. a bit of hair, or something personal to them.
    A few years ago I went out with a lad whose mum was into all that, she was from Trinidad, she was scary !!

  2. Yuu sprinkle salt on the ground under a chair and put feathers above the door and do what ever you want to the doll

  3. issy didnt you get any info with doll,as far as im told you need to paste a photo of unlucky person to dolls head and say some chant then stick in the pins will have a look for info for you

  4. turn lights off have 2 candles on stroke the hair to start while humming.get pointed item of some sort tooth pick or like cant be metal though,think very hard about the person you want to hurt then where you want them hurt,chant there name while you poke the area you want them to feel pain say the name twice then hum twice then name twice and so on you need to do this at least 20 times then 1 more hum 1 more name then blow 1 candle out then chant 1 more time say name 1 more time then blow other candle out,then hide the doll throw the stick away its very bad luck to have it in your home get it outside in the dustbin,also you must get rid of the candles,when you go to bed you must think about this person and imagine them having pain in the area that you chose,next day feel good that person will be in so much pain and its all down to you…..hope this helps goodluck.

  5. i think you need a stand of hair or something belonging to them
    but be cafeful and smart about this stuff
    and keep in mind that everything you do comes back to you times ten


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