vitamins, necklaces, and positive or negative energy?

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what is that called when you put like for example a vitamin in your palm and hold a necklace over it to see if it has the positive or negative energy? my uncle lives by it and i dont know what its called

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Dr. L

voodoo, quackery, snake oil, placebo, take your pick


everything is made of energy and positive energy spins right
catabolic negative energy spins left.
It is called pendulum dowsing.

Tristan F

I think it’s Reiki


I think it’s crazy


It’s called BALONEY!
A vitamin does not have “positive or negative energy” in the first place, and a necklace would not be able to tell you even if it did!

Laura J

Pendulum Dowsing
Yes, we are all vibrational energy and if you look at what atoms are made out of, it is vibrational. Each quark has a trail left behind with a specific rule in physics that have been analyzed and measured after blasting atoms apart.
However, the pendulum dowsing is not accurate. Your mind will subtly alter the rotation based on what the subconscious is thinking. It works like a group working a Ouija board. It spells out things based on someones mind altering the position of the Ouija across the slick surface.
What works are our moods. We can alter the vibrational energy by boosting the immune system with laughter and love. This has been scientifically measured.
However, the pendulum swinging? No.
Why do I say this?
The more accurate way of testing vitamin/minerals is ORAC testing. This reveals that over 90% of what you purchase in health food stores are biologically inactive and have very little affect in health, and I’ve witnessed pendulum dowsing where they got positive energy from something I wouldn’t even give to my dog.
ORAC testing measures how much a vitamin or mineral is absorbed by the cell for accurate efficacy.
If you are taking a synthetic vitamin C, your cells will canabolize neighboring cells to try and make sense out of it. Real food vitamin C has a center of copper, bioflavinoids surrounding it, and one arm of it is the C and bonded by phytochemicals, and that is what is good for your body, because we must get it from our diet.


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