Home Discussion Forum Visits from romantic partners from past lives in the astral realm?

Visits from romantic partners from past lives in the astral realm?

Is this possible? A few years ago I was in a very abusive relationship and I began having very vivid dreams about one particular man. After I broke up with the jerk I was with I began having less and less of these dreams, but the same man still comes in my dreams every few months or so. They were so vivid and felt real, that while I was having the dream I was aware of what was happening and it felt very real…not like a regular dream…but something like an astral dream, or an out of body experience. I don’t know who the man is, but the experience felt way too real for me to disregard him as being just a pigment of my imagination acting out in my dream. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar or whether or not you know something about this? Serious responses only, please!


  1. Yeah. My personal astral experiences don’t tend to be as defined – or as recurring – as yours, but my grandad keeps on showing up when I use astral projection techniques. He’s an over protective person. *Smiles*
    So it is possible. I can’t help you to find out who your mystery man is, though. Sorry.

  2. Girl friend we need to talk.
    You are going to meet this guy some day.
    So be ready.
    It’s sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along.

  3. If they are sexual in nature, your dealing with an incubus, a demon that comes in your dreams and has sex with you. That is not good.

  4. There are such thing as astral projection. My friend and I used to meet in the astral realm. But not anymore.
    When you meet a spirit during astral projection, becareful because there are many dark spirits who can masquarade into another being and will try to befriend with you.
    Before you go to sleep, pray to God for protection of your soul, mind and body. If you still see him in dreams, then it means that he might be your soulmate or someone who’s here to help you. No need to fear. Just enjoy the experience.

  5. I think it’s highly likely that this person is a soulmate from another life. Hopefully you will indeed meet him during this lifetime, but if not, keep in mind that someone who cares about you this much is surely going to be waiting for the next lifetime.


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