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Virgin @ 26, how can i handle it?

It is not that i have no desire, or that I belong to an inflexible religious cult.
I’m a really attractive woman that NO ONE would guess is a virgin.
I’m rather sexual, and never disclose my virginity to guys or girls ( is difficult today to tell that without expecting a foolish laughter or awe in return , so I skip the whole thing of giving reasons why I am..)
I can be comfortable talking about sex, I know and practice many things other women and men wouldn’t know.. like how to move my vaginal muscles, tantra sex. and even some kinbaku… but at the time of being with somebody cozy, and in the mood for sex.. I get this sad feeling, I can feel there is not a complete connexion to go to that level and end up not being able to do it. later one I end up breaking up with the guy.
there is no problem on that for me… I’ll know when is the right time, but I don’t want to hurt my partner’s feelings.
is there any sane way to be a virgin at this age and be cool about it?
at the end I have to break up with the guy cose I don’t like the sexual pressure after I said no…


  1. virgin @ 26 ? i have a lot of respect for you! you should be so proud. alotta trashy girls lose their virginity their freshmen year of highschool. U go girl! that makes you different and special. You’re not easy, and people can look at you with class, and see you as a serious person who wouldn’t cheat on guys.

  2. you sound intimidating with those words kinbaku,tantra what the f…. is that? i thought i knew and done alot! Teach me! lol.

  3. Just save it until marriage.
    A lot of people don’t save this like you do and that’s amazing.
    I have 13 and 14 year old friends that have already had sex and I think it’s just ridiculous.
    Trust me, if you save it until marriage, the guy is going to lovee it(:

  4. I’m 26 and a virgin too. I’m a guy and I say, so what. I’m waiting for the right girl and marriage. You mention not having a connection. That’s because you know that these guys don’t love you, but lust for you. They only want to have sex with you. Like the song says, have them “put a ring on it” before you let them move on you.
    Here’s one for you. When people here I’m a virgin, first comes the jokes but then comes the anger. Because I waited, they get mad. Why? Is it because I wanted commitment first? Because I treated women respectfully?


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